Inspiration from a Weekend in Venice

It was over a year ago, but I can’t stop thinking about my experiences in Italy (I lived and studied there for 4 months). Back then, I wasn’t blogging, so you can imagine that I have a lot of catching up to do. Below are some of my favorite images from a weekend I spent in tranquil Venice.

Straight from my Italian journal (because I couldn’t have said it better than when I was there):

We also took a night gondola. It was a pretty amazing experience. There were very few boats on the canals at that hour, the moon was bright and full, and the tide was high. Our gondolier was a middle-aged man who was very nice. He talked to us about his job (you can get your gondola license at 18, it’s a family business, and there are only ever 398 gondoliers in the city at a given time) and living in Venice (60,000 residents in the city and another 60,000 on the islands).

The price was 20% higher for the night ride, but I think it was worth it for the relaxing, beautiful trip. The night in Venice was peaceful and quite. There was no sound of cars or mopeds and the water was so peaceful. I feel very lucky for the amazing weather the opportunity to see such a beautiful place.

Lace shop on the island of Burano

Mosaics in San Marco



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