Re-Painting an Old Nightstand with Pops of Color

RePaint an Old Dresser

My aunt and uncle generously gave my sister and me some old furniture of theirs for us to use in our new apartment. This sweet little nightstand was one item they gave us. I loved the shape and size of the night stand but wanted to update it with a fresh look.

Some furniture re-painting tips:

Use a primer. Generally, I use two coats for each piece of furniture.

Always sand before painting. In fact, you should sand between each coat of paint as well (yes, even after your first coat of color). Sanding between coats will give your piece a more professional and neat look.

Add a pop of contrast! For this night stand, I’ve added the pop on the side of the drawer. It’s only visible when you open it, but I think it’s a nice touch that elevates the paint job and add some additional interest.

Re Paint an Old DresserPainted Night Stand on

Do you have any furniture re-painting tips?



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