Defining a Style Uniform: Wednesday

My Uniform 4

Wednesday’s style uniform inspiration is definitely my favorite: cool, simple, and most importantly, comfy. The outfit I came up with using my own wardrobe is probably the comfiest thing I can safely wear to work.

my style uniform on miaprimacasa.comAerie Silky Pants, Lands’ End Striped Henley Tee, J.Crew Print Mixing Scarf, Anne Klein watch, Pickwick and Weller Ribbed Tank, GAP Ballet Flats

Any opportunities to expand my wardrobe with this uniform outfit? My selection of soft pants is getting a bit out of control, so I have no  wardrobe issues there! I am thinking of investing in some quality tees from Everlane or Pickwick and Weller to compliment my patterned soft pants and to make my style uniform the best combination: simple, quality, and comfort.

Not bad for hump day, right?



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*For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at American Eagle Outfitters.*

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