The Story of a Bag

I own at least eight cardigans. Six pairs of soft pants. Five pairs of Ferragamo heels. Three pairs of Levi’s. Two watches. But only one bag.

Okay, that’s not totally true. I do have a clutch for special occasions, a handmade leather side bag for traveling, and a vintage leather Longchamp that holds my art supplies hidden somewhere in my closet. But generally speaking, there is only one bag that I use on a regular basis. Previously, I was using a Longchamp that I splurged on when I visited France….because France is probably the most appropriate place to splurge on a Longchamp, right? 😉

But three years later, my faithful bag was starting to deteriorate. It had travelled on subways in cities from Paris to Chicago, was thrown into many a trunk, and stuffed to its brim, and now it was finally going to receive some well deserved rest.

I hate purse shopping. Just as much as I dislike shoe shopping, honestly. It’s not that I don’t like getting new purses or shoes; it’s that the process is very tiresome. Shoes and purses take the brunt of your life. They are thrown around, walked on, tossed into corners, and they hold some of your most valuable possessions. That said, quality is key for me when finding a bag. But so is practicality. And, of course, price.

Well, thank goodness for Kate Spade Saturday!

For under $200 I purchased a black canvas and leather satchel that will see me through many years…and look polished and stunning in the process.

The Story of a Bag: Kate Spade Saturday Canvas & Leather Satchel The Story of a Bag: Kate Spade Saturday Canvas & Leather Satchel The Story of a Bag: Kate Spade Saturday Canvas & Leather Satchel

Where is your favorite bag from?




4 thoughts on “The Story of a Bag

  1. My favorite and only purse is a coco?,I think. I’m not into purses, I don’t know which brands are good, but, I got this purse from a friend. Her husband had bought her like 100 purses, seriously. They were good ones according to her.Well, she got divorced and she wanted to get rid of stuff, so she let me pick some out. I picked up the one I have because it was practical. I also picked a leather Coach purse. The Coach purse was ugly so I took it back to coach and traded it for a little black purse. I ended giving that to my daughter. I feel fortunate to have the coco purse, it is still in really good shape. I hope it lasts a long time. I hate purse shopping too.

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