I Hosted a Party! And It Was Vegan!

And, I think, a success! I had a great time hosting (I usually do!), and I hope my guests left full (of plenty of wine and homemade vegan appetizers) and happy.

Delicious Vegan Party Menu (yes, it's possible!) miaprimacasa.com

Mango Red Pepper Salsa/Bruschetta (my own recipe!)/

Cucumber Tofu Rolls/Chocolate Chip Magic Bars/

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Miracle Cookies

I’ve hosted a few parties with my sister and friends before, but never have I tried to 1) make all the food myself 2) cook and bake completely vegan for a party. Honestly, it wasn’t that difficult! I just used some of my personal favorite recipes, which besides being delicious, are also pretty easy too. It felt good to offer my friends delicious, healthy food that they didn’t have to second-guess. Because who wants to go to a party only to stare guiltily at a plate of mozzarella sticks (from which you’ve already taken at least three…)?

My Eclectic Living Room #apartmentliving miaprimacasa.com My Eclectic Living Room #apartmentliving miaprimacasa.com My Eclectic Living Room #apartmentliving miaprimacasa.com Vegan Entertaining…yes, it's possible! AND delicious! miaprimacasa.omc

But let’s be real. The part was also a chance to show off my (nearly) finished living room. I’m quite proud of the color and vibrance that I brought into the space. And how open and comfortable it feels. My only complaint: this horrible futon. I’m sitting on it right now and it’s literally sinking slowly beneath my weight. Here’s to hoping my guests didn’t notice because they were too busy eating my vegan chocolate chip magic bars…



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