when in italy…


Italian Style Picnic #100DaysofMiaPrima

drink wine in the park

Virgin Mary Torino, Italia #100DaysofMiaPrima

remember who’s boss

Fiat in Torino, Italy #100DaysofMiaPrima

admire the cars <<this one is the first Fiat ever made!>>

Garbage Genova, Italy #100DaysofMiaPrima

notice the beauty in everything (even trash)

Genova, Italy #!00DaysofMiaPrima

stop to smell the sea


Stone Lion Genova, Italian #100DaysofMiaPrima

feed the animals

Gelato in Torino Italia #100DaysofMiaPrima

put a limit on how much gelato you can eat

Genova, Italy #!00DaysofMiaPrima

worry about getting lost (it usually ends well)


Italy #100DaysofMiaPrima

ever take it for granted.

A presto!


This post is #42 of the #The100DayProject. For more updates on my progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtage, #100DaysofMiaPrima.

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