u-haul forgot to ship my u-boxes + other moving disasters @uhaul

I’ve never done a rant post before. Usually, I relegate my posts to travel updates or vintage finds.

But I’m just too darn frustrated to write about anything else today.

So here’s a fun little story about my experience with U-Haul U-Box. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about whether you should consider the company for your next move or not. 🙂

Dear U-Haul,

My U-Haul boxes were scheduled to arrive at my new house on Friday July 17th at 2pm. At 3:30pm, I called and was informed that my boxes hadn’t even been shipped. I then was redirected to over six different people. Each one told me the same thing: The mistake was U-Haul’s (a representative cancelled my shipment accidentally), but my boxes would not arrive until Monday July 27th. That is ten days after they were scheduled to arrive.  That is ten days I don’t have to unpack. That’s ten days without a bed, a wardrobe, kitchen supplies, anything.

I’m asking that U-Haul get my boxes to me by Friday July 24th, so that I do not lose yet another weekend I could spend unpacking. And to waive the drop off fee. I paid a good amount of money to have these boxes stored and delivered, I’ve spoken with over six different people in the company, and my issues has still not been resolved. This is absolutely unacceptable and extremely frustrating. U-Haul, can you tell me: What are you going to do to make this right?