Cut-Up Couture: 2 T-shirts = 1 Dress

I recently set up my sewing space in my large, open living room, facing a big window and easily within earshot of my record player. But the thought of starting to sew a garment from scratch was a bit intimidating (I’ve spent the last year moving to two new states, so sewing took the back burner for a while!). So, instead, I bought a book on up-cycling menswear into beautiful womenswear garments: Cut-up Couture by Koko Yamase. Of course, I picked the most difficult pattern in the book to start! But I’m making great progress- just working on adjusting the sleeves to more of my personal taste. Here’s a sneak peak of the dress I’m sewing from two used t-shirts. Not bad for $4, huh? Stay tuned for the final project (and maybe even a tutorial!).

Cut up Couture miaprimacasa.comDeconstructed T-Shirts




My Sewing Space, Reimagined

With my coffee bar nearly complete, I’ve moved on to decorating my sewing space. I moved it out of my second bedroom and into my living room; I was feeling cramped and isolated sewing in that small room! Now, my sewing table takes space near a wide window at the entrance of my apartment. For some (much needed) inspiration, I’ve put up a bulletin board and hung up my Venetian masks and some of my favorite hats nearby. My apartment is starting to look a lot like I first imagined it would: colorful, eclectic, and a bit like a hodge-podge of all the things I consider practical and beautiful.

Eclectic Sewing Space

Eclectic Sewing Space on

By the way, Pinterest photos print out surprisingly well. I printed my most inspirational fashion/running/cycling images to create an inspiring collage for my sewing space. Beautiful imagery for less than $5? Yes, please!

Take My Hand and Run Fashion Inspiration