The Uncovered Artistry Project

It started with a simple equation.

Art + Entrepreneurship = Empowerment. Add a couple business-savvy ladies and a serendipitous grant from Projects for Peace, and you’ve got yourself Uncovered Artistry Boutique. We’re a little shop built on the belief that business fosters empowerment in all its flavors (financial, personal, emotional, et al.). Our little piece of this cyber world sells the creative work of domestic and sexual abuse survivors, individuals who, more than most, benefit from the uplifting effects of art and business. Our roots are planted deep in Midwest soil, yet our reach extends to all those with an Internet connection and a penchant for joyful shopping. Shop the boutique today.


Four years ago, my sister and I started this small online non-profit boutique. Today my sister is abroad living and working in the Netherlands, and I’m working in the wondrous world of fashion in Pittsburgh, PA. Now that we can no longer run the organization together from our dorm room or basement, we wanted to make sure we still had a simple, straight-forward way to promote what we’re doing at Uncovered Artistry. So today, UA lives here with me on MiaPrimaCasa, which only makes sense really: the organization is a significant part of my experience as a post-grad twenty-something.

To learn more about The Uncovered Artistry Project and boutique, visit us here.

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