It’s Here! My 1960s Singer

My parents found this beautiful 1960s Singer sewing machine at a garage sale for (wait for it)…$40. Yep. And it’s never been used, so it runs beautifully.

I’d been searching for a sewing machine for a couple months (this is my “Congrats, on your job!” gift to myself), and this machine tops anything new I was thinking of buying. My first project is going to be chambray skirt made from last semester’s left over fabric and some much needed throw pillows. Keep your eyes open for some sewing tutorials in the future!

The message the original owner left on the case:

“Hardly ever used. (Didn’t like to sew!).”


3 thoughts on “It’s Here! My 1960s Singer

  1. Do you happen to know the model number of your machine? My mom recognized it as the model she learned how to sew on, I would like to suprise her for Christmas and try and track one down as a gift for her.

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