Images and Musings from Siena, Italy

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my adventures in Italy. I think it’s probably because I sort of feel like I’m on a new adventure now (though Wisconsin isn’t quite as romantic). For about ten minutes prior to this post being written, I was frantically searching for my first journal from my time in Italy, whichI was sure had gotten lost in my move a couple months ago. Thankfully, the journal was safe, and I can share with you a bit about the first town in Italy I lived, Siena.

This morning, the valley below the hotel was foggy. The view was unbelievable.

Today I realized that so many buildings are adorned with Madonna paintings or sculptures. I tried photographing as many as I saw, but the pictures doesn’t do them justice. (This picture is actually from the neighboring town of Arezzo. Shh!)

Siena reached it prosperity peak right before the Black Plague epidemic in the 1300s (some parts of the connecting building are unfinished, and pillars without walls are testament to the tragedy of the plague).

There used to be 72 towers when the city was a medieval fortress town.

Siena, like Rome, adopted the Romulus and Remus image (to represent Siena’s power as a “second Rome”).  

The city is divided into 17 districts, or contradas.

Ciao per adesso!


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