Adventures in Pittsburgh: South Side Flats

Last week, I decided to explore the South Side Flats of Pittsburgh. Before I move into my new apartment, I’m in temporary housing here, and find myself really enjoying the riverfront trail, called the Three Rivers Heritage Trial, and charming businesses (not to mention the Hot Metal Bridge, which is my favorite bridge, by far). The South Side was one of the first neighborhoods in the city to gentrify and features the South Side Works, an outdoor mall. There is also the Bavarian Hoffbrauhaus (lots of well priced beer and dancing) and, my favorite thing, the riverfront trail. The trail is a bit strange, since it starts and stops at points, and at times one needs to go off the path to get around construction or broken path, but all in all, the trail is generally well kept, well traversed, and boasts a charming view.

Crazy Mocha Pgh Hot Metal Bridge 1 River front Trail South Side Pgh South Side Pittsburgh



p.s. Have a suggestion for what I should do next in Pittsburgh? Post it below!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Pittsburgh: South Side Flats

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  2. Where exactly are the rust colored cement pillars located? Saw the photo on pintrest and thought this would be an awesome spot for my engagement photos. I’m not very familiar with the downtown area. Thanks for your help!

    • The pillars are located on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on the South Side, near Southside Works and Haufbrauhaus. Hope you find them! That whole area along the riverfront would be perfect for engagement photos!

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