Visions of Monaco (in 6 Screens)



Vintage-inspired Monaco Grand Prix poster screen print

If you follow my Instagram, you might be surprised to learn that I actually do in fact do more than just cook vegan food, go clothes shopping, and take adorable pictures of my cat. Actually, one of my latest ventures has been a beginning screen printing class at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. My ultimate goal is (to probably no surprise) to screen print on t-shirts and home decor items (think: inexpensive throw pillows!). But for my first project, I wanted to keep it 2D, and instead decided to create a vintage-inspired Monaco Grand Prix poster for my dad (in exchange for some handmade metal screens, of course…). I pulled inspiration from posters, below, and overall I am very satisfied with the piece. It took six unique screens to print and a lot more time that I originally thought (I didn’t use photo emulsion but instead hand “painted” the design onto the screen), but it’s a great start to what could be a pretty awesome body of screen printed work.Grand Prix poster inspiration

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grand prix poster inspiration

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