What a Day to Celebrate the Earth!


Celebrating Earth Day in Pittsburgh

I’ve been celebrating Earth Day with a month of car free Fridays, but today I also made a point of taking my run outside (despite the heavy wind and dipping temps). I chose a stretch of the Three Rivers Heritage Trial located on the South Side. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the trails so clean! The crowds of volunteers picking up trash and debris from the river front was a happy sight.

Celebrating Earth Day in Pittsburgh

I also had the privilege of running through eagle territory. Yes, there are real life eagles in the middle of my city. I’ve seen a pair of baby bald eagles on one of my runs last week, and now that the word has gotten out about our native eagle family, pedestrians and cyclists slow down to stare expectantly up into the wooded hillside along a now designated “eagle viewing area.”

Celebrating Earth Day in Pittsburgh

And there was also that moment when the sun’s setting rays caught the bridges. Sometimes, I can catch that one second when the bridges glow golden with the filtered light. Unfortunately, my camera was too slow. You’ll just have to come to Pittsburgh to see the sight for yourself.

How did you celebrate Mother Earth today?



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