Summertime Happiness

Sorry, Lana, this summer (late spring??) has actually been quite the opposite of sad so far. I ran a personal record in the Pittsburgh Marathon, rode a bike through the Dutch countryside, shopped my heart out on the busy, cobblestone streets of Madrid, made serious headway on home decorating (Ikea trip, anyone?), spread the word about The Uncovered Artistry Project and our mission during a radio interview on The John and Kathy Show on Word FM, proudly watched both my sisters claim diplomas, and thanks to a sudden, intense burst of inspiration while binge reading post-apocolyptic teenage dramas Divergent and The Hunger Games, decided to a commit to an early summer bout of National Novel Writing Month.

Also, I finally clipped my cat’s nails, which should totally count for something.

So what’s in store for the remainder of the summer besides noveling and not getting accidentally scratched by a shedding fur ball?

Hopefully a lot more of this:

How are you enjoying your summer?




p.s. I make Pinterest boards that correspond with my Spotify playlists.

For real.

Fashion for Warmer Days

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