summer styles at the gibbson girl

Summer is officially here! I just left Amsterdam (where the temp just dropped to sixty degrees and the sun was reluctant to shine), so I needed a reminder of sunny days and warm breezes. Here are some of my vintage Etsy shop The Gibbson Girl’s best summer styles.
Vintage Floral Dress The Gibbson Girl

Personally, I’m particularly fond of the sheer blouse. What is your favorite summer style from the shop?

tot ziens!


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Let’s Get High (Waisted Swimwear)

High waisted swim suit bottoms could quite possibly be the best swim trend to ever return. Slimming and comfy (if you invest in a well-fitting suit), slightly modest but still totally sexy, I dove right into this trend. (Ok, I’m done with the puns, now, I swear.)

high waisted swim

Gilly Hicks swim bottom, Aerie crochet swim top, American Eagle Outfitters aviator sunglasses, Aeire tassel necklace

high waisted swim

vintage high waisted swim

Vintage 70s high waisted swim bottom with matching (cone bra!) bikini top, vintage perfume necklace, vintage Ray Ban sunglasses

vintage high waisted swim

vintage Ray Ban sunglasses



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Summer pin board


*For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at American Eagle Outfitters.*


Summertime Happiness

Sorry, Lana, this summer (late spring??) has actually been quite the opposite of sad so far. I ran a personal record in the Pittsburgh Marathon, rode a bike through the Dutch countryside, shopped my heart out on the busy, cobblestone streets of Madrid, made serious headway on home decorating (Ikea trip, anyone?), spread the word about The Uncovered Artistry Project and our mission during a radio interview on The John and Kathy Show on Word FM, proudly watched both my sisters claim diplomas, and thanks to a sudden, intense burst of inspiration while binge reading post-apocolyptic teenage dramas Divergent and The Hunger Games, decided to a commit to an early summer bout of National Novel Writing Month.

Also, I finally clipped my cat’s nails, which should totally count for something.

So what’s in store for the remainder of the summer besides noveling and not getting accidentally scratched by a shedding fur ball?

Hopefully a lot more of this:

How are you enjoying your summer?




p.s. I make Pinterest boards that correspond with my Spotify playlists.

For real.

Fashion for Warmer Days

How to Make a Brandy Watermelon

How to Make a Brandy Watermelon

Making a brandy (or tequila, or vodka…) watermelon is probably the easiest, most gratifying recipe you can make all summer long. I looked up lots of different recipes before making my watermelon, but here is what I found to be the easiest way to complete the job:

You will need: 1 seedless watermelon, a bottle of brandy, a knife, and patience


1. Start by cutting one triangle shaped hole into the top of the watermelon (and when I say top, I mean the side. Obviously, the melon will be resting on it’s side when you cut into it). Pull out and save the wedge- you will use it to recork the watermelon later.

2. Cut two more holes at the top of the watermelon, a few inches apart. Again, keep the wedges.

3. Next, pour as much brandy as you can into each hole.

4. Now, you will need to let the brandy seep into the melon, which may take some time. I refilled the melon with brandy about every half hour until I put it in the fridge for the night.

5. Recork the melon and let sit in the fridge overnight.

6. Cut as you would a normal melon, and enjoy! It’s absolutely delicious served chilled. If you want to take your melon to the next level, scoop out balls with a melon scooper and freeze for ice cubes- they are perfect for a summer mixed drink!



Dinner for Many (or L’etoile Can Suck It)

letoilecansuckitdinnerformanypanna cotta

Sunday night I had the honor of attending an amazing dinner, complete with fresh, local ingredients, lots (at least a dozen!) of interesting, inspiring people, and Wisconsin beer (a given) all in a marvelously eclectic atmosphere (think: thrifted wine glasses, Ball jars, benches, a turn table…).

A few friends put together the event, with one hosting at her apartment, and two others creating the delicious six courses:

Creamed & Chilled Asparagus & Cashew Soup

Grilled Romaine with Sourdough Croutons, Fermented Ramp Agili, and Sweet and Sour Sardines

Indian Rice Yogurt Apple Salad

Grilled Asparagus with Sourdough Pancakes and Blood Orage Sauce

Smoked Duck Sliders with Cherry Gastrique and Arugula on a Challah Bun

Paletas (Mexican guacamole and lime popsicles)

Strawberry Panna Cotta

And as palate cleansers: Dry cucumber and blood orange soda, honey wine, and oolong tea

I wanted to share the dinner on Mia Prima Casa, because, first, I think it’s simply a great idea to spend time enjoying truly good food, meeting strangers, and learning so much (like why cemeteries are the way they are and who Joy Division is…), all while spending very little.

And secondly, because I love how my friend decorated for the dinner! My favorite touch are the Ball Mason jars for water glasses.

How are you enjoying the summer?


Falafel Burger with Hummus & Greens

Falafel Burger with Hummus & GreensThis is less of a recipe and more of an idea…but I enjoyed the meal so much, I figured it was worth sharing, even if I didn’t make it from scratch! This weekend, I had intended to stop by Madison’s famous farmer’s market (arguably one of the best in the country) but missed it to help volunteer to run a 5k (more on that later!). Instead, I stopped by the Willy St. Coop on the east side of the city to pick up some fresh produce. I also picked up some freshly baked herb rolls, fresh local greens, tomatoes, locally made hummus, and some Organic Sunshine Burgers gluten free, soy free, vegan (!) falafel burgers. Top it off with a bottle of Dry rhubarb soda (only four ingredients in the whole bottle), and you have a perfect Sunday lunch.

3 Ways to Style…A Neon Scarf

A neon scarf is the simplest (and maybe most inexpensive) way I’m updating my spring wardrobe for the transition into summer. Pair it with other brights… or back to classic neutrals. Mix prints and have fun with it!

3 Ways to Style...a Neon Scarf

3 Ways to Style…A Cardigan (Without Looking Buttoned-up!)

I love cardigans. I probably own about ten in various colors (but at least three staple black ones). I’m lucky enough to work in a casual office where wearing a cardigan is absolutely acceptable, so I probably add one to my look at least three times a week. Generally, I dress fairly preppy, but I also try to deviate from the overly-preppy-kinda-buttoned-up look that cardigans can so easily give off. Below are three ways I style cardis without looking buttoned-up. Try adding bold patterns and prints, wearing a neon cardigan, or adding platform pumps. No girl looks uptight in a platform pump, right?

3 Ways to Style a Cardigan (without looking buttoned-up)

How to Style…a Sporty Dress

Sporty Dresses Spring 13

DKNY, Rag & Bone, Victoria Beckham, Spring 2013

Photo courtesy of Glamour

This spring’s trendy sporty dress is fun and flirty, but how do you style it? Dress it up with wedges or down with sneakers or take it flirty and casual with colorful flats. Here are three ways I’d style a sporty dress. Add tights to my second look, and I’d wear that work now! How would you style your sporty dress?

How to Style a Sporty Dress

Steffen schraut

Karen millen


Tory Burch patent flat
$310 –

Pastry trainers
$90 –

Dorothy perkin

Round sunglasses

Maybelline lipstick
$21 –