people are boring (but you’re something else)

People are boring

But you’re something else completely

Damn, let’s take our chances

-Father John Misty in Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)

It’s finally here! The 2015 edition of the Spring Mix Tape. As you know, I create a mix tape (i.e. a 2-3 albums of curated music as well as handcrafted cover art) twice a year- once for spring and another for fall. I ask my friends to submit songs that remind them of that particular season then curate their great music into “albums.” The music is always excellent and always of a wide variety (my favorite part!). But the best experience for me is creating the cover art, which has also varied widely: from screen printed canvas to watercolor to this season’s piece: collage. In fact, this season’s cover may be my favorite. I enjoyed the free form of the collage process as well as the structure of creating a “booklet” that literally stands on its own.

Copies of the mix tapes are for participants only, but luckily for you, I’ve put together public Spotify playlists for everyone to enjoy. Here’s to new music, art making, and above all else, the great friends to who make it happen, year after year…!

Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrimaSpring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima

Album #1: People Are Boring

Album #2: But You’re Something Else Completely

Album #3: Damn, Let’s Take Our Chances

 Tot ziens!


This post is #29 of the #The100DayProject. For more updates on my progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtage, #100DaysofMiaPrima.

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Pirates, Sparkle, & 16 Miles

Easter in Pittsburgh

Being away from family can be hard enough, but when holidays roll around it becomes that much harder. Thankfully, for Easter this year, my little sister was able to take a break from being a genius med student at RIT to spend the weekend with me here in Pittsburgh. The weather was perfect! And compared to Rochester, NY, it probably felt like heaven.

Pittsburgh- Oakland

Before Michelle made it down here on Saturday afternoon, I snuck in a 16 mile marathon taper run. Why am I tell you this? Because sometimes, when you’ve run over 20 miles in one go, you start to forget that even 16 miles is impressive. This is my attempt at reminding myself that running 16 miles (or any amount for that matter!) is an accomplishment–one of which I should always be proud!

Stay Classy (lots of sparkle included)

Sparkle was a key component of our Easter weekend attire.

Pirates Baseball Pittsburgh, PA

I took Michelle to her first professional baseball game. The Pirates lost, but it was an exciting game no less, complete with the classic Pittsburgh Pirates fireworks show. (By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a professional baseball game that didn’t involve the Brewers. Seriously. I saw the Cubs play them in Chicago…then again in Milwaukee…and now they played the Pirates in my new city. It’s like my Wisconsin ancestors are trying to speak to me…)

Homemade Vegan Squash & Kale Pizzas

Instead of the traditional Easter ham dinner, we opted for homemade squash pizzas, complete with kale, Brussels sprouts, and vegan cheese. Recipe (Michelle’s original) soon to follow!

Madewell fruit dress + Merino sweater + lots of sparkle Springtime outfit

My Easter outfit of choice: Madewell fruit dress, Lands’ End Canvas Merino sweater, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo heels, statement necklace (a great find from a Chicago second hand shop), and a gorgeous sparkly clutch (a gift from an old roommate). Michelle looked gorgeous in an Loft eyelet tee, J.crew cardigan, Ann Taylor pencil skirt, and sparkly J.crew flats.

Easer outfits

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend as well! Here’s to more sunny days filled with Pirates, sparkle, and lots and lots of miles.



The Springtime Black Watch Tartan

Black Watch Tartan Scarf

So what exactly is Black Watch tartan, anyway?

According to Esquire, the Black Watch plaid isn’t a girly plaid. Oh no, it’s a “I’m gonna drink whiskey until dawn and fight you at Devil’s Rock” kind of plaid.

According to my friends, it sounds “kinda military” and “cool.”

First of all, Black Watch refers to an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Apparently, King George I organized a “Watch” of six independent Companies and that each Company was to wear a plaid of the same pattern and color, i.e. the Black Watch plaid.

Tartan, is what we more commonly call “plaid” in the States and was originated in wool fabrics, though we all know it’s prevalent in just about every kind of fabric you can think of. Still confused? Scottish kilts usually have tartan patterns.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to find a Black Watch tartan wool and cashmere scarf at a rummage sale in Lake Forest, IL (think, where F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby that Tom Buchanan’s polo ponies are said to have been bred). This weekend was chilly in Wisconsin, so although I usually associate Black Watch tartan with autumn and the holidays, the plaid made a daring springtime appearance. (p.s. Although Esquire might consider Black Watch the manliest of all plaids…it’s hardly less attractive on a woman!)

Springtime Black Watch Plaid



How to Style…a Sporty Dress

Sporty Dresses Spring 13

DKNY, Rag & Bone, Victoria Beckham, Spring 2013

Photo courtesy of Glamour

This spring’s trendy sporty dress is fun and flirty, but how do you style it? Dress it up with wedges or down with sneakers or take it flirty and casual with colorful flats. Here are three ways I’d style a sporty dress. Add tights to my second look, and I’d wear that work now! How would you style your sporty dress?

How to Style a Sporty Dress

Steffen schraut

Karen millen


Tory Burch patent flat
$310 –

Pastry trainers
$90 –

Dorothy perkin

Round sunglasses

Maybelline lipstick
$21 –