Adventures in Pittsburgh: Avalon Exchange

Avalon Exchange Pittsburgh, PA on

Avalon Exchange is a very unassuming resale shop in heart of Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill. So unassuming that I never ventured inside until my hairdresser recommended it to me. Not only was the shop filled with racks and rack of quality used clothing and accessories, but it was also packed with people. Apparently I’ve been missing out on quite a neighborhood hot spot.

Adventures in Pgh on

The shop had a sizable selection of menswear as well as a robust women’s selection. The shoes in particular were great quality at very reasonable prices. You won’t find a thrift shop steal here, but you might find a pair of Miu Miu heels for less than $100. Which is certainly a steal in my book!

For less than $50, I left with some of the best vintage finds I’ve had so far this year. Needless to say, this is far from my last trip to Avalon.

Vintage finds from Avalon Exchange Pgh on

J.crew Rugy, $1 from Avalon Exchange in, Ambercrombie Flannel, $14 from Plato’s Closet, Dooney & Bourke leather boat shoes, $29 from Avalon Exchange, Vintage striped sweater, $13 from Avalon Exchange, and a sneak peak of my latest screenprinting project

Vintage finds from Avalon Exchange Pgh on

Defining a Style Uniform: Tuesday

I own countless cardigans. I read Unabashedly Prep regliously. I’m ever on a search for the perfect vintage Ralph Lauren navy blazer. There is no doubt that I identify with a preppy style, but what I noticed while putting together my five style uniform outfits, was that I also gravitated toward graphics, drapey bottoms, black leather, and cheeky graphics.

Tuesday’s outfit shows more of my traditional preppy taste, complete with the classic chambray shirt, cowboy-inspired leather boots (the kind that get better with age), and a great fitting pair of Levi’s. It’s simplicity at its best.

My Uniform chambray shirt leather books jeans 5

style uniform: chambray shirt, leather boots, Levi jeans on miaprimcasa.comstyle uniform: chambray shirt, leather boots, Levi jeans on miaprimcasa.comVermont Vintage Wool Scarf on

Donna Karan Leather Boots, Liz Clairborne Chambray Shirt, Levi’s Skinny Jeans, Angela Caputi Bracelet, Fossil Watch, J.crew Leopard Print Belt, Wool Scarf from a second hand store in New Hampshire

Any opportunities to expand my wardrobe with this uniform outfit? One chambray shirt seems like enough for my wardrobe and those leather boots are so versatile, buying another pair would feel extravagant. I did struggle to come up with some fun stackable bracelets. I love the ones that Bauble Bar offers. They have so many, they’d suit every mood!

Bauble Bar Bracelets



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Put Some Prep in Your Step

Because preppy will always look good.

Here are the looks that are inspiring me right now:Preppy Fashion Preppy Fashion Preppy Fashion Preppy Fashion Preppy Fashion Preppy Fashion miaprimacasa.comFollow me on Pinterest for more Preppy, Tom Boy, Classic fashion.

My closet can’t get enough:

Rugby Shirts

Graphic Tees

Pom Pom Hats

Over-sized Knits

Plaid Scarves

Tailored Blazers

Puffer Jackets (and Vests)

Jen ne sai quoi

What are your favorite preppy styles?



The Springtime Black Watch Tartan

Black Watch Tartan Scarf

So what exactly is Black Watch tartan, anyway?

According to Esquire, the Black Watch plaid isn’t a girly plaid. Oh no, it’s a “I’m gonna drink whiskey until dawn and fight you at Devil’s Rock” kind of plaid.

According to my friends, it sounds “kinda military” and “cool.”

First of all, Black Watch refers to an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Apparently, King George I organized a “Watch” of six independent Companies and that each Company was to wear a plaid of the same pattern and color, i.e. the Black Watch plaid.

Tartan, is what we more commonly call “plaid” in the States and was originated in wool fabrics, though we all know it’s prevalent in just about every kind of fabric you can think of. Still confused? Scottish kilts usually have tartan patterns.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to find a Black Watch tartan wool and cashmere scarf at a rummage sale in Lake Forest, IL (think, where F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby that Tom Buchanan’s polo ponies are said to have been bred). This weekend was chilly in Wisconsin, so although I usually associate Black Watch tartan with autumn and the holidays, the plaid made a daring springtime appearance. (p.s. Although Esquire might consider Black Watch the manliest of all plaids…it’s hardly less attractive on a woman!)

Springtime Black Watch Plaid



3 Ways to Style…a Chambray Shirt

When I asked my sister what she thought was a difficult piece of clothing to style, I didn’t expect her to say a chambray shirt. To me, a chambray shirt is a go-to piece; it’s what I grab when I’m in a rush and want to keep my look polished but casual. But when I thought about it, I initially avoided buying a chambray shirt for a while, because, like my sister, I wasn’t exactly clear on how to style it. Can you wear it with jeans? How about a skirt? Below are three easy ways to incorporate a chambray shirt into your wardrobe. I bought mine at JCPenney for $19…so it’s worth the small investment for sure!

3 Ways to Style a Chambray Shirt



4 Unique & Easy Ways to Style a Classic Oxford Shirt

I ran across this post by Refinery 29 and loved the concept of unique outfits based on one classic shirt. However, I didn’t feel like going out and spending money on these looks, as great as they were. Instead, I decided to create four unique looks based on a classic white Oxford shirt…using only items from my closet. All outfits are appropriate for my work place (which is admittedly very casual). It’s a fresh way to approach my closet without spending more money. I can’t wait to try them out!


My Work Wardrobe

   As a business major, I’d always sort of figured I’d be wearing black dresses and blazers to work. When I got my first post-graduation job, I found myself in a much more casual work environment, which is great except that all I really owned was super casual comfy stuff, going downtown night wear, and really formal interview clothes. How horrible! Now I had a job and I had to go shopping.
My Work Wardrobe
    Still being budget-conscious, I created a vision for my wardrobe that broke it down into my essentials: polished tees, put-together jeans and chinos, a casual blazer, a cardigan, a quality watch and a quality bag, and flats. Obviously, variety makes things more interesting so I’ve expanded the basics to include nude heels, non-flip-flop (did I tell you I hate flip-flops?) sandals, and a scarf (my office is chilly in the summer, unlike my apartment at the moment).
    I prefer to shop resale and vintage since I find I can get all the quality brands I love much cheaper and still in great shape, so having a clear wardrobe vision with clear basics will help guide my shopping and hopefully prevent me from buying something unneeded.
What is your work wardrobe vision?