Three Months. No Shopping. Bring it on.

How often to do you go clothes shopping? If I’m totally honest, I probably buy 2-3 pieces of clothing, shoes, or accessories every month. This might not be so tough on my wallet if I stuck to shops like Forever 21 and H&M, but I truly believe in building a quality wardrobe (think: style over fashion), so I end shopping at places like Lands’ End Canvas, Pickwick & Wleller, or Threadless. And that can do a number on anyone’s budget!

Photo courtesy of Read this blog. Seriously.

On September 1st, a good friend of mine dared to embark on a courageous (she works in the fashion industry, after all) journey: she is not going to buy a single piece of clothing (shoes and accessories included) for a whole year. Her blog is well-written and super entertaining, so be sure to check it out here!
I wish I could join her, but to be totally honest, I don’t think I’ve totally built up a solid enough wardrobe to take on the task (I work in the fashion industry too, remember!), especially since I’ve only really been spending good money on my wardrobe since graduating college a year and a half ago. However, my fall and winter wardrobe is the most robust season represented in my closet…
So for three months, I’m giving up clothes shopping all together. Here are my rules:
-No clothes shopping (shoes and accessories included). Excluding…
  1. If a staple item breaks or becomes unwearable (think: black leather ballet flats or sports bra).
  2. A (needed) lingerie or sleepwear purchase.
  3. Gifts for family or friends.
  4. Materials to make or tailor my own clothes.
Tank- Pickwick & Weller, Tank- Mango, Sandals- American Eagle Outfitters, Pants- American Eagle Outfitters, Watch- Fossil, Cameo Bracelet- vintage find, Necklace- RocksNSoul, Earrings- Swarovski
For three months, what I usually budget for clothing every month will be added to savings. If this (it’s my first!) triathlon goes well on Sunday, I’m going to put the savings towards a triathlon bike next season.
So wish me luck! Maybe I’ll even dare to go to six months…

3 Ways to Style…a Chambray Shirt

When I asked my sister what she thought was a difficult piece of clothing to style, I didn’t expect her to say a chambray shirt. To me, a chambray shirt is a go-to piece; it’s what I grab when I’m in a rush and want to keep my look polished but casual. But when I thought about it, I initially avoided buying a chambray shirt for a while, because, like my sister, I wasn’t exactly clear on how to style it. Can you wear it with jeans? How about a skirt? Below are three easy ways to incorporate a chambray shirt into your wardrobe. I bought mine at JCPenney for $19…so it’s worth the small investment for sure!

3 Ways to Style a Chambray Shirt



My Work Wardrobe

   As a business major, I’d always sort of figured I’d be wearing black dresses and blazers to work. When I got my first post-graduation job, I found myself in a much more casual work environment, which is great except that all I really owned was super casual comfy stuff, going downtown night wear, and really formal interview clothes. How horrible! Now I had a job and I had to go shopping.
My Work Wardrobe
    Still being budget-conscious, I created a vision for my wardrobe that broke it down into my essentials: polished tees, put-together jeans and chinos, a casual blazer, a cardigan, a quality watch and a quality bag, and flats. Obviously, variety makes things more interesting so I’ve expanded the basics to include nude heels, non-flip-flop (did I tell you I hate flip-flops?) sandals, and a scarf (my office is chilly in the summer, unlike my apartment at the moment).
    I prefer to shop resale and vintage since I find I can get all the quality brands I love much cheaper and still in great shape, so having a clear wardrobe vision with clear basics will help guide my shopping and hopefully prevent me from buying something unneeded.
What is your work wardrobe vision?