A Week of Inspired Outfits: Monday

A friend and coworker recently told me that humans are only able to make a limited number of good decisions. After a certain point, our decisions become worse and worse. And when you consider all the little decisions one makes in a day, “What should I wear?” seems like a wasted decision that could be spent, say, deciding what your monthly wardrobe splurge should be. That said, I decided to make this week’s outfit decisions all at once. I first chose five outfits from some of my favorite catalogs (J.Crew, Free People, Lands’ End Canvas, and Anthropologie) to base my own outfits on. Each day’s outfit is inspired the professionally styled look…and is one less decision I will have to make that day.

Monday’s Inspiration:

Lands’ End Canvas



…And Monday’s Outfit! Cardigan, Lands’ End Canvas

Skirt, Lands’ End Canvas

Shoes, Lands’ End Canvas

Belt, Forever 21

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at Lands’ End (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).

4 Unique & Easy Ways to Style a Classic Oxford Shirt

I ran across this post by Refinery 29 and loved the concept of unique outfits based on one classic shirt. However, I didn’t feel like going out and spending money on these looks, as great as they were. Instead, I decided to create four unique looks based on a classic white Oxford shirt…using only items from my closet. All outfits are appropriate for my work place (which is admittedly very casual). It’s a fresh way to approach my closet without spending more money. I can’t wait to try them out!


My Work Wardrobe

   As a business major, I’d always sort of figured I’d be wearing black dresses and blazers to work. When I got my first post-graduation job, I found myself in a much more casual work environment, which is great except that all I really owned was super casual comfy stuff, going downtown night wear, and really formal interview clothes. How horrible! Now I had a job and I had to go shopping.
My Work Wardrobe
    Still being budget-conscious, I created a vision for my wardrobe that broke it down into my essentials: polished tees, put-together jeans and chinos, a casual blazer, a cardigan, a quality watch and a quality bag, and flats. Obviously, variety makes things more interesting so I’ve expanded the basics to include nude heels, non-flip-flop (did I tell you I hate flip-flops?) sandals, and a scarf (my office is chilly in the summer, unlike my apartment at the moment).
    I prefer to shop resale and vintage since I find I can get all the quality brands I love much cheaper and still in great shape, so having a clear wardrobe vision with clear basics will help guide my shopping and hopefully prevent me from buying something unneeded.
What is your work wardrobe vision?