It Doesn’t Get Better Than Tom Boy, Ambiguous Neutrals, & Moto! (i.e. My Fave Autumn Trends)

Autumn 2013 Trends

Every fall it’s impossible not to find a handful of beautiful, inspiration trends, and this year is no different. Here are my top faves…and who is doing them best!

Free People Neutrals

1. Ambiguous Neutrals

I love this trend for cosmetics in particular (I’m addicted to a pale, barely-there nail color), but it translates effortlessly to apparel too…and even better in lingerie and intimates. Free People wins my vote for offering a gorgeous selection of nude intimates. Browse their ethereal “Sheer Shop” and just try not to buy something…

Madewell Tom Boy Style

2. Borrowed from the Boys

Madewell is my top retailer for tom boy styles. But instead of being in-your-face boyish, Madewell strikes a perfect balance between sexy and casual cool. Let’s be honest, pulling off a tom boy look is 80% attitude. My personal style is certainly more feminine (and definitely not cool enough), but adding a touch of tom boy helps keep things in check. Like those weeks when I know I’m wearing too many dresses with cardigans, my Madewell slouchy rugby stripe sweater is there to save the day.


GAP moto

3. Moto

Good ol’ GAP has one of the best selections of moto-inspired apparel this season. An extra plus? At the GAP, you won’t break the bank on a hot trend (I got this jacket for 30% off). If I weren’t buying clothes for three months (my newest challenge now that the triathlon is over), I’d be all over their moto pants. And coated jeans. And moto puffer jacket. And biker jeggings….

Bien Fait Sweater Madewellj.crew horse sweater

4. The Conversation Sweater

j.crew and Madewell get the tie for this one. Mostly because I really, really want the Bien Fait sweater. Get it? If not, désolé, je ne suis pas désolé. 😉

Forever 21 Varsity Letter Jacket

5. Sporty

…but definitely not a yoga-pant, sweatshirt look. Instead varsity letter jackets, rugby stripes, and boxy cuts make this trend. Forever 21 gets the job done at their usual how-the-heck-do-they-do-it?! low prices. For me this trends might mean sneaking my ever-growing workout wardrobe into my daily wear. Think: Nike Luxe Track Pants.

What’s your favorite autumn trend? Do you think my list is missing anything?

What’s Inspiring Me Right Now…

DIY Infinity Sweater Scarf

DIY wardrobe ideas like this sweater infinity scarf. It’s still too cold to buy spring clothes, but I’m bored of my winter ones. Maybe a DIY refresher is all I need!

Free People Hair Chalk

Free People’s hair chalk. For when you’re feeling bold…for a day. $28.

Uncovered Artistry Spring Photo Shoot- Madison, WI

Sunny days in Madison, WI and spring photo shoots for The Uncovered Artistry Project.

Matt & Kim in Madison, WI

Matt & Kim in Madison.



By Gwendolyn Brooks

 And if sun comes

How shall we greet him?

Shall we not dread him,

Shall we not fear him

After so lengthy a

Session with shade?

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Friday

Well I did it! I eliminated five decisions each workday by creating five unique looks on Sunday. These outfits were inspired by some of my favorite brands, including Free People, Lands’ End Canvas, and j.crew. Below is Friday’s look. Like Wednesday, the Free People outfit served as more of an inspiration than a hard and fast guide, and I tried instead to capture the feel of the look.

Check out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for more inspired outfits.

Free People

Jean Jacket, H&M

Top, Target

Jeans, American Eagle

Wedges, Lands’ End Canvas

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at Lands’ End (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Thursday


This week, I put together five unique outfits inspired by looks from some of my favorite brands. Here is Thursday! Be sure to check out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I wore this outfit with a pair of black tights to combat this chilly fall weather.

Free PeopleDress, Vera Wang

Shoes, thrift store find

Scarf, Florentine market

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Wednesday


This week, I put together five workday outfits based on professionally styled outfits from some of my favorite brands. Monday, I was inspired by Lands’ End Canvas, and Tuesday, I was inspired by j.crew. Today, I take inspiration from Free People. Wednesday’s outfit is less like the inspiration image, but I think I was able to capture the essence of the look.

Free PeopleSweater, Good Will

Jeans, Delia’s

Necklace, H&M

Pumps, Salvatore Ferragamo

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Monday

A friend and coworker recently told me that humans are only able to make a limited number of good decisions. After a certain point, our decisions become worse and worse. And when you consider all the little decisions one makes in a day, “What should I wear?” seems like a wasted decision that could be spent, say, deciding what your monthly wardrobe splurge should be. That said, I decided to make this week’s outfit decisions all at once. I first chose five outfits from some of my favorite catalogs (J.Crew, Free People, Lands’ End Canvas, and Anthropologie) to base my own outfits on. Each day’s outfit is inspired the professionally styled look…and is one less decision I will have to make that day.

Monday’s Inspiration:

Lands’ End Canvas



…And Monday’s Outfit! Cardigan, Lands’ End Canvas

Skirt, Lands’ End Canvas

Shoes, Lands’ End Canvas

Belt, Forever 21

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at Lands’ End (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).