I Am Anti-Pants

Anti-Pants Lena Dunham quote

Photo courtesy of whowhatwear.com

I have to agree with Lena Dunham. I’m pretty anti-pants. There was some point in the early 2000s when women’s pants became too tight and too low, and my love for pants started to fade (it was slightly renewed in 2007 when I discovered jeggings and again in 2013 when I bought my first pair of Levi’s). But today, my pant-love is fully restored in the form of the trendiest anti-pants out there. I’m talking luxe sweatpants (think: leather), structured leggings (but let me clear, these still aren’t pants and a long top is a must, in my book), and silky harem pants. We can all be thankful that pants these days are veering more Man Repeller than Christina Aguilera.

Below are my favorite anti-pants looks.

Which one is your favorite?

anti-pants outfits on miaprimcasa.com anti-pants outfits on miaprimcasa.comAerie Sparkle Leggings, Ann Taylor Loft Mixed Media Blazer, Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target Studded Tank, American Eagle Outfitters Booties, Ann Klein Watch, Kate Spade Saturday Sunnies

anti-pants outfits on miaprimcasa.comAerie Zipper Sweatpants, Madewell Sweater, Target Marled Socks, American Eagle Outfitters Booties, Vermont Wool Scarf from a second hand store in New Hampshire

anti-pants outfits on miaprimcasa.comUrban Outfitters Military Green Harem Pants, Kohls Lace Button Down, American Eagle Outfitters Booties, Handmade Leather Bracelets from a Wisconsin art show and a thrift store in upstate New York

anti-pants outfits on miaprimcasa.comAerie Silk Pants, Aerie Chiffon Henley, Fossil Watch, GAP ballet flats, and a statement necklace I purchased from a second hand store in Chicago


*For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at American Eagle Outfitters.*

Sweaters That Start Conversations

One of my top trends this fall is definitely graphics. Graphic tees, graphic sweatshirts, and, my personal fave, graphic sweaters. I love them even more when they have puns or cheeky sayings on them. Because what’s more “conversational” than your sweater making a pun?

Graphic Sweaters

SMTWTFS Sweater by American Eagle Outfitters, French Hen Sweater by J.Crew, Walk the Moon concert sweatshirt

More conversational sweaters I love:

J.Crew jeweled llama sweater

Madewell bien fait sweater

Gilly Hicks “sweat shirt” graphic sweatshirt

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at American Eagle Outfitters (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).

It Doesn’t Get Better Than Tom Boy, Ambiguous Neutrals, & Moto! (i.e. My Fave Autumn Trends)

Autumn 2013 Trends

Every fall it’s impossible not to find a handful of beautiful, inspiration trends, and this year is no different. Here are my top faves…and who is doing them best!

Free People Neutrals

1. Ambiguous Neutrals

I love this trend for cosmetics in particular (I’m addicted to a pale, barely-there nail color), but it translates effortlessly to apparel too…and even better in lingerie and intimates. Free People wins my vote for offering a gorgeous selection of nude intimates. Browse their ethereal “Sheer Shop” and just try not to buy something…

Madewell Tom Boy Style

2. Borrowed from the Boys

Madewell is my top retailer for tom boy styles. But instead of being in-your-face boyish, Madewell strikes a perfect balance between sexy and casual cool. Let’s be honest, pulling off a tom boy look is 80% attitude. My personal style is certainly more feminine (and definitely not cool enough), but adding a touch of tom boy helps keep things in check. Like those weeks when I know I’m wearing too many dresses with cardigans, my Madewell slouchy rugby stripe sweater is there to save the day.


GAP moto

3. Moto

Good ol’ GAP has one of the best selections of moto-inspired apparel this season. An extra plus? At the GAP, you won’t break the bank on a hot trend (I got this jacket for 30% off). If I weren’t buying clothes for three months (my newest challenge now that the triathlon is over), I’d be all over their moto pants. And coated jeans. And moto puffer jacket. And biker jeggings….

Bien Fait Sweater Madewellj.crew horse sweater

4. The Conversation Sweater

j.crew and Madewell get the tie for this one. Mostly because I really, really want the Bien Fait sweater. Get it? If not, désolé, je ne suis pas désolé. 😉

Forever 21 Varsity Letter Jacket

5. Sporty

…but definitely not a yoga-pant, sweatshirt look. Instead varsity letter jackets, rugby stripes, and boxy cuts make this trend. Forever 21 gets the job done at their usual how-the-heck-do-they-do-it?! low prices. For me this trends might mean sneaking my ever-growing workout wardrobe into my daily wear. Think: Nike Luxe Track Pants.

What’s your favorite autumn trend? Do you think my list is missing anything?

3 Ways to Style…Zig Zags & Stripes

3 Ways to Style...Zig Zags & Stripes

Bold stripes and zig zags is one of my favorite summer trends. I think Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade Saturday do it best: sleek 60s-inspired silhouettes, bold lines, and two simple colors.

Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2013-Ad-Campaign-Pictures KateSpadeSaturday Zig Zags

In my opinion, if you’re going to wear this bold trend, you might as well go all out: mix patterns (yes! florals!), add pops of bright colors (neon is still in, you know), and try a sharp, simple silhouette to draw attention to the pattern.

How are you wearing this summer’s zig zag trend?


Falling in Love with My Closet: Vintage Oversized Coat

Last week, I started blogging about some of my favorite pieces from my closet (check out my Ferragamo shoe collection here). It’s an attempt at reminding myself of all the amazing clothing, shoes, and jewelry that I’ve accumulated over the years– and more specifically over the last few months after graduation. Most of these pieces are vintage or antique, which I think makes them particularly unique and interesting. This is one of my newest finds; it’s a vintage (circa late 1980s or 1990s, I believe) oversized coat in a gorgeous cobalt blue. I’ve sen some oversized coats out there (Once Upon a Time fans will recall Mary Margaret’s cocoon coat from season one), including at Topshop and J.Crew, so I was thrilled to find this vintage piece for $20 at my local Good Will. The coat is 100% wool and is in great condition. Hate to say it, but I’m looking forward to the colder temps to try out this coat!

5 Fall Trends That I Can’t Wait For

If you haven’t noticed already, clothing brands have been launching their fall collections this past week. I’ve already noticed a few great fall trends that I am excited to buy (I will try my best to wait until September!). I also figure it’s a good idea for me to have an understanding what I want to buy before I actually go out there  and shop, since I do have to consider my budget. These trends are currently top of my list, and I will spend the next couple of months searching for some great deals on them.

1. Colored Tights

A great variation on summer’s colored denim, colored tights will be a great way to keep the bright colors of last season alive through autumn.

$9.90 from Nordstrom

2. Venetian or Smoking Shoes

These shoes are a comfortable alternative to a heel and a unique spin on a flat. Not to mention that they can easily be dressed up or down.

$49.95 from GAP

3. Oversized Coats

They are finally available to the masses! I first fell in love with Mary Margaret’s oversized coat in the first season of Once Upon a Time.

4. Leather

I always consider leather, particularly leather jackets and bags, a staple for fall, but this season, leather is becoming even more popular (and look out for hybrid leather-fabric designs too).

$99.90 from Steve Madden at Nordstrom

5. Printed Dress Pants

I saw plenty of printed denim and leggings this spring, but I am really excited to see the prints taken up a notch in classy dress pants.

$110 from J.Crew

What fall trend are you most excited for?



Bettina Prentice, Lots of Stuff, & My New Place

I ran across this Vogue article about Bettina Prentice’s NYC apartment and found that her space has the essence of what I want to achieve with my bedroom (on a much smaller budget, of course). What I’m drawing inspiration from in Bettina’s apartment is the eclectic mix of lots of stuff. Having traveled Europe and having a penchant for antiquing and thrifting, I’ve collected a lot stuff, and I like the idea of displaying it all and incorporating it into your decor. I’ve chosen, for example, a pallet of purples, yellows, and blues to match my Venetian masks and vintage cameo collection. Centering the room all around these little things not only fills up space in an inexpensive way, it also keeps them from being stuffed into a box in my closet.

Images from Vogue.com

So far, I’ve created inspirational bulletin board jewelry organizer and bought a shabby chic comforter. My place isn’t like Bettina’s yet, but I hope soon enough to have an eclectic, shabby chic bedroom full of lots of stuff.



My First Place

I’ve spent the past four years with a desire to decorate and maintain a beautiful space, but living in a dorm and moving in and out every three months doesn’t encourage a beautiful atmosphere. So now, as a recent college graduate and new member of the workforce, I’m committing to creating a comfortable, inspiring first place…on a budget.

I’m going to experiment with DIY projects and take advantage of every thrift and antique store in the area, and I am going to update you every step of the way. So if you want to get great DIY home ideas, keep up with interior design trends, and learn how to decorate your place (first or not!) on a budget, follow me and la mia prima casa.



p.s. I might throw in some fashion here and there!