My Autumn Work Wardrobe

My Work Wardrobe- Autumn
Only a few months ago, I created a vision for my work wardrobe that included great essentials like well-fitting tees, chinos, and quality sandals. As the weather starts to cool down, I’ve obviously had to re-think my basic work wardrobe. This season, I’ve focused on adding interest to basics with beautiful, dramatic accessories like silk scarves, cuffs, and cameo jewelry. Some basics for fall (and pieces that are well worth the initial investment!) are leather boots, jeans, and a blazer. When it comes to the accessories, I usually shop vintage and thrift to find unique pieces that have better quality than trendy accessories I could find at H&M or Zara.
What is your work wardrobe vision this fall?

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Friday

Well I did it! I eliminated five decisions each workday by creating five unique looks on Sunday. These outfits were inspired by some of my favorite brands, including Free People, Lands’ End Canvas, and j.crew. Below is Friday’s look. Like Wednesday, the Free People outfit served as more of an inspiration than a hard and fast guide, and I tried instead to capture the feel of the look.

Check out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for more inspired outfits.

Free People

Jean Jacket, H&M

Top, Target

Jeans, American Eagle

Wedges, Lands’ End Canvas

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at Lands’ End (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).

4 Unique & Easy Ways to Style a Classic Oxford Shirt

I ran across this post by Refinery 29 and loved the concept of unique outfits based on one classic shirt. However, I didn’t feel like going out and spending money on these looks, as great as they were. Instead, I decided to create four unique looks based on a classic white Oxford shirt…using only items from my closet. All outfits are appropriate for my work place (which is admittedly very casual). It’s a fresh way to approach my closet without spending more money. I can’t wait to try them out!