what’s in my ferragamo? #girlboss

I like to share what I’m reading. Why? Because books are so much better when you can talk about them. If you’ve ever read Pride and Prejudice and made it to the “Mr.Darcy letter scene,” and you have no one to share in your agonizing joy, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Or, oh, let’s say you’ve just finished Allegiant and for some reason NO ONE at your office has finished it too. Who are you supposed to get angry with!?

That said, here’s my first post in a silly-titled series, I’m calling, “What’s in My Ferragamo?” Of course, I’m referring to my black Ferragamo bag that just happens to be the perfect size to fit whatever I’m reading at the moment.


#GIRLBOSS by NastyGal CEO, Sophia Amoruso. If you haven’t heard of NastyGal, don’t worry, you can click this link without of fear of sexually explicit content (trust me).


Here’s my two cents on the read: Amoruso’s story is impressive and her advice is inspirational, but her business tips come off a bit too elementary for my taste. (Of course, that’s coming from me- a girl with a business degree who also happens to work in fashion industry.) Nevertheless, it reenergized my passion for fashion (business), and there are some pretty awesome quotables in there too. Not to mention some charming illustrations.

So? Have you read #GIRLBOSS? What do you think?



Shoes Made for Walking

Snaps of the shoes that made it through nine days of a trip through Europe (and some I wish that did).

strappy leather sandals high top sneakers heeled bootssneakers stay chic strappy leather sandals20140514_151209salvatore ferragamo sandalsblack eyelet platform high tops black eyelet platform high topsCheers!


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What’s Inspiring Me Right Now…

Canvas Land' End Goat Art

This amazing goat created by my talented friend, Diana. Originally posted on the Canvas Lands’ End blog.

Cozy Artist's Space

Some cozy artist’s space inspiration from 79 Ideas.

Florence, Italy -miaprimacasa.wordpress.com

Memories of Florence.

Ferragamo Fashion

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Men’s Fashion Show AW 2013 2014. Watch it here.

Everything about the second season of Girls and the music from it.

And finally, some guiding words of inspiration from the great Paulo Coelho:

“The energy of hatred will get you nowhere; but the energy of forgiveness, which reveals itself through love, will transform your life in a positive way.”

What’s inspiring you today?


Falling in Love with My Closet: Ferragamo Shoe Collection

Lately, I’ve been experiencing closet remorse. For most of my life, I spent relatively little on clothing and accessories, but as soon as I entered the work force, began earning an income, and started working in the apparel industry, I’ve since built a nearly completely new closet. As a result, I’ve felt a bit guilty about my wardrobe collection. To be fair, I shop primarily resale, and I’ll be honest, clothes shopping is now a (serious) hobby of mine. In an effort to remind myself that I’ve built my closet into a solid (but not frivolous) collection of quality items, I’m going to feature some of my favorite pieces on Mia Prima Casa. I’m excited to showcase these unique pieces (most of which are vintage or antique) and I hope they inspire you a bit too!

My first feature is probably my favorite: my Salvatore Ferragamo shoe collection. Most of these heels are vintage circa 80s and 90s, but the burgundy pair on the end was a deal from the Florence Ferragamo outlet. I could go on about the quality and comfort of Ferragamo heels and the amazing history of the man (like my own great grandparents, he grew up poor in Southern Italy), but I’ll leave you all with one of his many sage pieces of advice:

Better to wear a shoe that’s too big than one that’s too small.

That could be akin to “make no small plans,” don’t you think?

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Wednesday


This week, I put together five workday outfits based on professionally styled outfits from some of my favorite brands. Monday, I was inspired by Lands’ End Canvas, and Tuesday, I was inspired by j.crew. Today, I take inspiration from Free People. Wednesday’s outfit is less like the inspiration image, but I think I was able to capture the essence of the look.

Free PeopleSweater, Good Will

Jeans, Delia’s

Necklace, H&M

Pumps, Salvatore Ferragamo

A Week of Inspired Outfits: Tuesday

This week, in order to cut out one decision from a day filled with many, I created an outfit for each day of the work week inspired by professionally styled outfits from some of my favorite brands. Below is Tuesday’s inspiration and my take on the outfit. See Monday’s outfit here.


Cords, Lands’ End Canvas

Sweater, Lands’ End Cavnas

Button Down, GAP

Heels, Salvatore Ferragamo

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at Lands’ End (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).