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Closet Organization Ideas
It’s amazing what $12 can do. As you know, I’m one of those crazy people who picks out her outfits for the week on Sunday night. Who has time to worry about what they are going to wear at say, six o’clock on a Tuesday morning?!

Previously, I stuck some nails into my wall to hang my week’s outfits on, but this past weekend, with the encouragement of a very fun aunt (shout out, Aunt Jeanine!), I purchased a rolling clothes rack from Ikea.

Now my bedroom feels like a fancy Dutch blogger’s bedroom. Sort of.

Closet Organization Ideas

Falling in Love with My Closet: Ferragamo Shoe Collection

Lately, I’ve been experiencing closet remorse. For most of my life, I spent relatively little on clothing and accessories, but as soon as I entered the work force, began earning an income, and started working in the apparel industry, I’ve since built a nearly completely new closet. As a result, I’ve felt a bit guilty about my wardrobe collection. To be fair, I shop primarily resale, and I’ll be honest, clothes shopping is now a (serious) hobby of mine. In an effort to remind myself that I’ve built my closet into a solid (but not frivolous) collection of quality items, I’m going to feature some of my favorite pieces on Mia Prima Casa. I’m excited to showcase these unique pieces (most of which are vintage or antique) and I hope they inspire you a bit too!

My first feature is probably my favorite: my Salvatore Ferragamo shoe collection. Most of these heels are vintage circa 80s and 90s, but the burgundy pair on the end was a deal from the Florence Ferragamo outlet. I could go on about the quality and comfort of Ferragamo heels and the amazing history of the man (like my own great grandparents, he grew up poor in Southern Italy), but I’ll leave you all with one of his many sage pieces of advice:

Better to wear a shoe that’s too big than one that’s too small.

That could be akin to “make no small plans,” don’t you think?