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I’ve lived in Pittsburgh (and the same apartment) for over a year. For the last, well, decade, I haven’t stayed in one place for more than twelve months. Finally, I’ve had time to settle in to my new place and begin to claim it as my own. My living room, dinning room, and kitchen were more or less done six months ago. (Mostly given to that the fact that my kitchen is smaller than a walk-in closet) But my bedroom has taken longer to come together. I wanted a simple, neutral pallets of whites and creams with a focus on texture. What ended up unfolding is far from that but no less awesome. Actually, probably way more fun to look at. I have images and color everywhere, yet somehow everything still seems comfortable and in order. It’s the perfect embodiment of my style: classic and neat but undoubtably sprinkled with color and pattern. The room has a way to go, but so far, it’s a pretty good start.

eclectic bedroom gallery wall eclectic bedroom gallery wall

gallery wall? check.

Unique way to use a postcard collection for decoration

bookshelf? check.

Handmade Corkboards

handmade cork boards? check.

Repurposed Wire Basket for Drawers

repurposed basket drawers? check.
Jane Austen Reads + Hat Box

Jane Austen novels? obviously.



So Fancy

Closet Organization Ideas
It’s amazing what $12 can do. As you know, I’m one of those crazy people who picks out her outfits for the week on Sunday night. Who has time to worry about what they are going to wear at say, six o’clock on a Tuesday morning?!

Previously, I stuck some nails into my wall to hang my week’s outfits on, but this past weekend, with the encouragement of a very fun aunt (shout out, Aunt Jeanine!), I purchased a rolling clothes rack from Ikea.

Now my bedroom feels like a fancy Dutch blogger’s bedroom. Sort of.

Closet Organization Ideas

Why I Started Uncovered Artistry

The Uncovered Artistry Project

Two years ago (has it been that long!?), I wrote a piece explaining part of my motivation for starting the Uncovered Artistry Project. The reasoning still rings true today. And there are so many words I would add (stay tuned!)! Take a moment to read the below and get a stronger understanding of why my sister and I are doing what we’re doing with our organization. And please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Why I Started Uncovered Artistry 

Originally published on May 10, 2012

The Uncovered Artistry Project

Several weeks ago, I saw Gloria Steinem speak. “It took 100 years for women to achieve legal equality in America,” she said, “And it will take 100 more for us to achieve social equality.” At first her statement was nothing less than despairing. I want to be a successful businesswoman, and to hear that I still face obstacles in my success is not easy to accept. But she is right. Women are not treated equally, and the worst thing we can do is say that women’s fight for liberation and equality is no longer necessary. Women my age often chose to ignore this fight. They prefer to assume that the women’s movement is a movement of their mothers from years passed. They like to think that feminism is for radicals. They like to pretend that they don’t see the signs of women’s inequality.

I started The Uncovered Artistry Project because I believe that domestic and sexual abuse has no place in our society. Abuse does not have to exist. It is a societal disease that can be cured with education, awareness, understanding, and a constantly renewing perception of humankind.

Until there is no more rape or domestic violence or other abuse against anyone (women, men, and children alike), our world is not equal. Abuse against women is enough for me to stand proudly for today’s women’s movement. My contribution to The Uncovered Artistry Project is my contribution to the struggle for equality for everyone. What is your contribution?

The Uncovered Artistry Project The Uncovered Artistry Project

Jewelry Organizer Idea: Inspiration Bulletin Board

I knew I wanted a bulletin board over my vanity/desk. I liked the idea of fashionable images that will help inspire my morning wardrobe choices. I also knew that my jewelry didn’t belong on my vanity (that is way too cluttery for my taste!). My sister came up with the idea of hanging necklaces and bracelets from tacks at the base of the bulletin board. The idea is simple, but I think the result is striking (not to mention extremely cheap).

The cost for this project?

Bulletin board: $4 at GoodWill

Images: Free from fashion magazines

Tacks: $3 at Target

Total cost: $7

What are some good jewelry organizer ideas you’ve ran across?