Madison’s Good Style Shop & A “New” 60s Bikini

Good Style Shop Madison

Recently, and thanks to the suggestion of a friend, I visited the Good Style Shop, a vintage clothing store, in Madison. I was blown away by the atmosphere (electric, not too serious about itself, and very well organized) and by the variety and quality of the selection.

Good Style Shop Madison

This isn’t a shop that you have to spend hours digging through piles of 90s flannel before you find a proper 70s a-line dress; it has a wonderfully merchandised selection of dresses right in the corner. The shop also boasts a robust selection of vintage menswear, which is a refreshing sight to see. I was delighted to find a gorgeous 60s high waisted bikini, bullet bra and all, for $35. I’m going to have to channel my inner Pucci when I wear it on the beach this weekend.

60s Bikini

60s Bikini

Before I left the shop, I had a brief chat with the founder and owner. When I asked, “If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring entrepreneur, what would it be?”, he said simply to never forget about work/life balance. At 23, when we started the shop (!!), he initially had trouble separating work from the rest of his life, understandably. He emphasized that the ability to balance is a valuable skill for any entrepreneur.

Certainly, valuable advice for any of us.

Good Style Shop Madison

Good Style Shop is located at 817 East Johnson St in Madison, WI.



Great Finds: Triathlon Postcard Prints

Once again, I discover an amazing find at the Madison Farmer’s Market! This time, I found these adorable postcard-sized prints. They came in a variety of phrases, from “Drink Strong Coffee” to “Write a Letter.” Since I’m running my first marathon this weekend…and my first triathlon in August and that’s pretty much all that’s been on my mind lately, I put together the following combo. Check out Zip-Dang’s website if you want to create your own collection of sayings.

Triathlon Postcards

Great Finds: Antique Bullet Crystal Necklace

bullet crystal  necklace from

Usually, I stick to buying coffee and veggies at the Madison Farmer’s Market, but a couple weeks ago, I ran across this antique bullet and crystal necklace at RocksNsoul‘s market booth and had to purchase it. I’d hate to get too hippy, but isn’t the dichotomy just lovely?

You can purchase your own unique necklace on her Etsy shop. Another favorite of mine that I saw at her booth was this amazing cuff bracelet. Maybe I’ll save that for my next trip to the Farmer’s Market!

RocksNSoul.comPhoto courtesy of

Falafel Burger with Hummus & Greens

Falafel Burger with Hummus & GreensThis is less of a recipe and more of an idea…but I enjoyed the meal so much, I figured it was worth sharing, even if I didn’t make it from scratch! This weekend, I had intended to stop by Madison’s famous farmer’s market (arguably one of the best in the country) but missed it to help volunteer to run a 5k (more on that later!). Instead, I stopped by the Willy St. Coop on the east side of the city to pick up some fresh produce. I also picked up some freshly baked herb rolls, fresh local greens, tomatoes, locally made hummus, and some Organic Sunshine Burgers gluten free, soy free, vegan (!) falafel burgers. Top it off with a bottle of Dry rhubarb soda (only four ingredients in the whole bottle), and you have a perfect Sunday lunch.

The Only Time It’s Okay to Wear a Side Pony Tail

The Majestic, an old theater turned bar-dance floor-concert venue, in downtown Madison, puts on an 80’s vs. 90’s dance party a few times each year, and I’ll admit I’ve been to more than a couple. This time, my friends and I actually dressed up, and I had a chance to wear some of my vintage 80’s clothes and jewelry. …And my friend Julie got the chance to relive the side ponytail (along with a pair of hot pink leg warmers).

80s Leggings 80s Dress and Earrings 80s Dress

Which do you think wins? 80’s? Or 90’s?


5 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Wisconsin

GrumpTrollBrewery Mt.Horeb, WI

1. Beer

I’ve never tried such a variety of amazing local beers as I have in Wisconsin. The (many, many) micro-breweries are my favorite, including the Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee, the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb, and One Barrel in Madison. I also love Wisconsin Old Fashioneds.…but that’s another story.

WI Farms

2. Farms

I love cows. I love rolling hills. I love Wisconsin.

WI State Fair

3. The People

I’ve always believed that Midwesterns are the most genuinely nice people in the States, and Wisconsinites are no exception. For example, I get a smile and wave from every person I cross when I’m on my runs…even the teenagers say hello.

Wi Trails

4. Trails

The state trails and parks are truly amazing in Wisconsin.

Madison, WI

5. Madison

Madison is a young, vibrant, beautiful city. I enjoy spending time at the parks and lakes, strolling State St. and the Capitol Square, roaming the huge Saturday Farmer’s Market, bar hopping, and of course, bike riding.

Why do you love Wisconsin?



What’s Inspiring Me Right Now…

DIY Infinity Sweater Scarf

DIY wardrobe ideas like this sweater infinity scarf. It’s still too cold to buy spring clothes, but I’m bored of my winter ones. Maybe a DIY refresher is all I need!

Free People Hair Chalk

Free People’s hair chalk. For when you’re feeling bold…for a day. $28.

Uncovered Artistry Spring Photo Shoot- Madison, WI

Sunny days in Madison, WI and spring photo shoots for The Uncovered Artistry Project.

Matt & Kim in Madison, WI

Matt & Kim in Madison.



By Gwendolyn Brooks

 And if sun comes

How shall we greet him?

Shall we not dread him,

Shall we not fear him

After so lengthy a

Session with shade?

Welcome to the Snow Globe: 115 Tubas & One Beautiful View




“Welcome to the snow globe,” our waitress said as she seated us at possibly Madison’s greatest brunch place, Graze.


Located right on the capitol square, the restaurant boasts a gorgeous view of the city’s capitol building (the largest dome in North America, if I’m remembering correctly) as well as a delicious menu featuring produce and meat from local Wisconsin farms. A bit pricey (yep, I dropped $20 for an omelet and a coffee) but worth it to enjoy the first snow of December.



My friends and I stumbled upon a band of 115 tubas and baritones in the capitol building on Saturday afternoon. We came to visit the huge Christmas tree, which with it’s multitude of ornaments almost puts the Chicago’s Daley Plaza tree to shame. The music began as a low rumble for at least a good thirty seconds before the Christmas tune was audible. What a lucky chance encounter!


Photo and video courtesy of

The weekend before, we started our Saturday night at Madison’s Old Sugar Distillery (check out Canvas Lands’ End great interview with the owner) located on Main St. Highly recommend the Old Fashioned with brandy.


Ran across these contraptions down the street from the distillery, which though it is located in a very quite industrial area, does boast excellent free street parking.



Great Finds: Affordable Art (Seriously!)

I recently attended the Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI, and, since I am now making an income, I decided to purchase a piece of art for my bedroom. I gave myself a budget of $50, which is pretty modest considering the price of much of the work. As expected, the most striking pieces were large…and expensive. I was nearly out of hope until I found collage artist Chelsea Hrynick’s booth. She creates amazingly intricate and symmetrical patterns out of origami paper and painted wood. The medium is perfectly simple, letting the details of her designs stand out.

(Photo from artist’s website. Visit it here!) 

To me, they reminded me of Venetian lace and Native American textiles. “I incorporate design patterns seen in different cultures throughout history such as Celtic jewelry, Islamic rugs, Modern architecture, and Ancient Greek pottery,” writes the artist on her website. “I feel a passionate connection when I work with patterns; decoration somehow transcends distance, time, and beliefs.”

Cool, right?

I bought two small square pieces for $30, which I think is a great deal given the quality of the work.

Have you had any luck with art fairs this summer?