Climbing Railroad Cars & Other Adventures in Wisconsin

My friends and I spent this Memorial Day weekend in the Madison-area, exploring the town of New Glarus (stopped at the New Glarus Brewery for a self-guided tour) and some new restaurants in Madison. We also made a detour at an abandoned railroad car somewhere outside Baraboo, Wisconsin. I was too chicken to get too close, but I caught some great images of my friends. Here are some of my favorite photos from one of the best weekends in Wisconsin.

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5 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Wisconsin

GrumpTrollBrewery Mt.Horeb, WI

1. Beer

I’ve never tried such a variety of amazing local beers as I have in Wisconsin. The (many, many) micro-breweries are my favorite, including the Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee, the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb, and One Barrel in Madison. I also love Wisconsin Old Fashioneds.…but that’s another story.

WI Farms

2. Farms

I love cows. I love rolling hills. I love Wisconsin.

WI State Fair

3. The People

I’ve always believed that Midwesterns are the most genuinely nice people in the States, and Wisconsinites are no exception. For example, I get a smile and wave from every person I cross when I’m on my runs…even the teenagers say hello.

Wi Trails

4. Trails

The state trails and parks are truly amazing in Wisconsin.

Madison, WI

5. Madison

Madison is a young, vibrant, beautiful city. I enjoy spending time at the parks and lakes, strolling State St. and the Capitol Square, roaming the huge Saturday Farmer’s Market, bar hopping, and of course, bike riding.

Why do you love Wisconsin?



Mineral Point Art Tour, Flea Markets, & Crocheted Scarves

Last weekend a couple friends and I took a trip to the Mineral Point Art Tour. On our way into Mineral Point we found a huge flea market, which of course, none of us could resist. As usual, I found a piece of vintage jewelry that I fell in love with. It looks like a 60s costume jewelry necklace, but I can’t be so sure! The necklace reminded me of some of j.crew’s new jeweled statement jewelry pieces and is perfectly in line with this fall’s blingy vintage-inspired style.

I’ve been falling more and more in love with menswear this season (it’s not long before I try pulling off a skinny tie!), so I was delighted to come across a vintage men’s jewelry box. The tie bar holder is even labeled. It will make a unique addition to my vanity.

My friend Jaqui who joined me on the trip actually finished crocheting a beautiful cowl scarf on the car ride there and wore it through the flea market and the art tour.

I had never been on a art tour quite like this. I knew that artists opening up their homes and studios was the norm, but I was stunned by some of the amazing studio spaces and architecture that I saw. My favorite was a sculpture garden at Peter Flanary and Sandra Peterson’s gorgeous rural home. We also enjoyed the small town’s speciality, ceramics, at a downtown gallery after lunch at the local deli. All of this makes me think I ought to set up a studio in my basement and get back into creating!

The Artisan Gallery’s Latest Opening

The end of September and beginning of October are full of gallery openings and art shows, and I try to find myself at as many as I can. Even out in seemingly the middle of nowhere (cornfields, dirt roads, and country bars included), I found an amazing artisan gallery in Belleville, WI on historic Paoli Street. On Friday the 15th, I attended The Artisan Gallery’s opening of William Lemke: Photographs of the Grand Canyon, Group Show: 9th Annual Ceramics Invitational, and In the Cooler: Collaborations.
I love this gallery for its large and varied assortment of ceramic and sculpture work. I also appreciate the thought-provoking exhibitions they host, including In the Cooler: Collaborations, a colloborative exhibition that is currently showing (by the way it actually takes place in what used to be an old long, narrow cooler), and features painting, sculpture, and writing. The Artisan Gallery is a breath of fresh air in the Southern Wisconsin art scene and for a moment, made me forget some of my favorite galleries down in Chicago. Worth a visit also for the gallery’s creamery, and down the road, a cheese house and bakery.
To learn more about the gallery, check out their website here.

Autumn in the Country & What We’re Wearing

My sister and I spent the weekend exploring rural Wisconsin, and we visited a small apple orchard where we picked up a peck of apples, this amazing spoon ring, and two cider brats. It finally felt like fall, so we tried to dress for the season!

Sweater, Lands’ End Canvas

Jeans, Levi’s

Flats, Lands’ End Canvas

Scarf, silk from China (a gift!)

Glasses, vintage find from Madison, WI

Bracelet, Angela Caputi’s Boutique in Florence, Italy

For full disclosure and all of that good stuff, I currently work at Lands’ End (so it should be no surprise that I often end up wearing their merchandise!).

Leggings, Vera Wang

Dress, thrift store find from Portsmouth, NH

Glasses, H&M in Prague

Boots, GoodWill

Necklace, garage sale in New Hampshire


What’s your favorite fall outfit?



What Else but an Emergency Wisconsin Kit?

My grandma is originally from Wisconsin, so when her 80th birthday rolled around, I took advantage of living in WI and crafted a quirky gift that would hopefully remind her of childhood in some small way.

I recycled a box, covered it carefully in wrapping paper, decorated it appropriately and filled it with the following:

Sausage links

Bucky cheese spread

Cheese curds (duh)

Blueberry bread from the local bakery

My hope is that when at Wisconsin craving hits, my grandma will be prepared!