Unique Holiday Gifts You Can Feel Good About Buying!


Still looking for a holiday gift? Want something unique, beautiful, and handmade? My non-profit, The Uncovered Artistry Project and Boutique, has a new goal to reach $1000 in sales this holiday season. We sell all sorts of handmade products including candles, jewelry, ornaments, and home goods, which are all made by domestic and sexual abuse survivors or generously donated by artists. And we just added a slew of new items! Help us reach our goal and find a unique gift that you can feel good about buying.

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Happy Holidays!


What Else but an Emergency Wisconsin Kit?

My grandma is originally from Wisconsin, so when her 80th birthday rolled around, I took advantage of living in WI and crafted a quirky gift that would hopefully remind her of childhood in some small way.

I recycled a box, covered it carefully in wrapping paper, decorated it appropriately and filled it with the following:

Sausage links

Bucky cheese spread

Cheese curds (duh)

Blueberry bread from the local bakery

My hope is that when at Wisconsin craving hits, my grandma will be prepared!