new arrivals at uncovered artistry nonprofit boutique

I’ve got some excellent news! Uncovered Artistry— the nonprofit I founded with my sister five years ago that sells the work of domestic abuse survivors– has NEW ARRIVALS! They’re a while in the making, but I am so proud of the new styles we have up. Our products– all handmade items– are made by domestic abuse survivors… with the exception of these newest additions.

The new arrivals were actually made by volunteers at various events the Uncovered Artistry Project has hosted throughout the years. Participants made the designs using new and recycled jewelry pieces and graciously donated them to the online boutique. And now, I am very happy to say that many of them are up for sale online.

And keep your eye out…there’s more on the way, too!

UA New Arrivals Spring 2015 (3)Uncovered Artistry: Jewelry Handmade by Domestic Abuse Survivors #100DaysofMiaPrima Uncovered Artistry: Jewelry Handmade by Domestic Abuse Survivors #100DaysofMiaPrima Uncovered Artistry: Jewelry Handmade by Domestic Abuse Survivors #100DaysofMiaPrimaUA New Arrivals Spring 2015

So what is the Uncovered Artistry Project and boutique?

It started with a simple equation. 

Art + Entrepreneurship = Empowerment. Add a couple business-savvy ladies and a serendipitous grant from Projects for Peace, and you’ve got yourself Uncovered Artistry Boutique. We’re a little shop built on the belief that business fosters empowerment in all its flavors (financial, personal, emotional, et al.). Our little piece of this cyber world sells the creative work of domestic and sexual abuse survivors, individuals who, more than most, benefit from the uplifting effects of art and business. Our roots are planted deep in Midwest soil, yet our reach extends to all those with an Internet connection and a penchant for joyful shopping. Shop the boutique today.



This post is #82 of the #The100DayProject. For more updates on my progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtage, #100DaysofMiaPrima

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so that’s what she’s been up to…

Sure, I took a hiatus from this blog for a couple months. But trust me it was worth it.

Here’s (some of) what I’ve been up to:

Launching a vintage clothing shop, called The Gibbson Girl.

Gibbson Girl Etsy Banner 1.18.15

Overhauling my personal website

(new art included).

Updating my nonprofit, The Uncovered Artistry Project for the Valentine’s Day season.

I think some relaxing with my favorite cat is order.

Siberian Cat being weird



pearls, crystals, gems: handmade by abuse survivors

I spent one afternoon a couple weekends ago snapping shots of beautiful handmade jewelry for the nonprofit The Uncovered Artistry Project (i.e. the nonprofit I founded five years ago with my sister!). The nonprofit, which boasts an online boutique, sells the artisan work of domestic and sexual abuse survivors. Because we believe art and entrepreneurship are pretty darn empowering.

Below are some of my favorite shots of some of the stunning jewelry we are currently selling in the boutique.

Jewelry Handmade by Abuse Survivors: Uncovered Artistry #uncoveredartistrySwarovski pearl earrings…our bestseller

Jewelry Handmade by Abuse Survivors: Uncovered Artistry #uncoveredartistrySwarovski pearl drop necklace…this one always reminds me of Jane from Pride and Prejudice.

Jewelry Handmade by Abuse Survivors: Uncovered Artistry #uncoveredartistry

domestic violence awareness bracelet…my personal favorite- it’s such a pretty touch to every outfit!

Jewelry Handmade by Abuse Survivors: Uncovered Artistry #uncoveredartistry

true blue rhinestone earrings…are you feeling like royalty today?

Jewelry Handmade by Abuse Survivors: Uncovered Artistry #uncoveredartistry

Don’t forget to shop the boutique and support the nonprofit at




Unique Holiday Gifts You Can Feel Good About Buying!


Still looking for a holiday gift? Want something unique, beautiful, and handmade? My non-profit, The Uncovered Artistry Project and Boutique, has a new goal to reach $1000 in sales this holiday season. We sell all sorts of handmade products including candles, jewelry, ornaments, and home goods, which are all made by domestic and sexual abuse survivors or generously donated by artists. And we just added a slew of new items! Help us reach our goal and find a unique gift that you can feel good about buying.

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Happy Holidays!