vintage (scottish) bangles and beads

I am in love with the UK’s charity shops. Not only are they clean and well curated, they are also extremely common. In Glasgow, I spent a couple hours popping in and out of charity shops on the West End alone. Even in small northern England towns, I found them on nearly every block.
Scottish Vintage Jewelry #100DaysofMiaPrima Scottish Vintage Jewelry #100DaysofMiaPrima 2 Scottish Vintage Jewelry #100DaysofMiaPrima 4 Scottish Vintage Jewelry #100DaysofMiaPrima 5

I was also delighted to find quite a few excellent vintage jewelry finds at the charity shops. The vintage bangles in particular caught my eye and I bought more than a few for my vintage Etsy shop, The Gibbson Girl.

Keep an eye out for these finds in the shop soon!



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Mineral Point Art Tour, Flea Markets, & Crocheted Scarves

Last weekend a couple friends and I took a trip to the Mineral Point Art Tour. On our way into Mineral Point we found a huge flea market, which of course, none of us could resist. As usual, I found a piece of vintage jewelry that I fell in love with. It looks like a 60s costume jewelry necklace, but I can’t be so sure! The necklace reminded me of some of j.crew’s new jeweled statement jewelry pieces and is perfectly in line with this fall’s blingy vintage-inspired style.

I’ve been falling more and more in love with menswear this season (it’s not long before I try pulling off a skinny tie!), so I was delighted to come across a vintage men’s jewelry box. The tie bar holder is even labeled. It will make a unique addition to my vanity.

My friend Jaqui who joined me on the trip actually finished crocheting a beautiful cowl scarf on the car ride there and wore it through the flea market and the art tour.

I had never been on a art tour quite like this. I knew that artists opening up their homes and studios was the norm, but I was stunned by some of the amazing studio spaces and architecture that I saw. My favorite was a sculpture garden at Peter Flanary and Sandra Peterson’s gorgeous rural home. We also enjoyed the small town’s speciality, ceramics, at a downtown gallery after lunch at the local deli. All of this makes me think I ought to set up a studio in my basement and get back into creating!

Great Finds: Vintage Perfume Necklace

I discovered this unique contraption at a local antique shop, and though I first spotted it for its gorgeous exterior, was even more intrigued when I learned what was inside. The back of this pretty vintage necklace (circa 1970s, is my best guess) opens up to reveal a spot for cream perfume. There is still some old perfume left (yuck!) so I’ll have to clean it out, but I do intend to add my own fragrance. What a perfect way to freshen up in the middle of a work day or a long night out!

Even better is knowing that I got a great deal for the find too! I bought it for $10. It’s selling online for $78 on Ruby Lane.