Great Finds: Handmade Silver “Amare” Bracelet

As much of a hassle unpacking is, sometimes it does give one the opportunity to rediscover long forgotten treasures. A couple days ago I ran across this simple silver bracelet I made in high school (my public high school had a very robust arts program!). It wasn’t until I was wearing it for sometime that I noticed the stamped word, “amare” on the inside of the piece. “Amare” is Latin (and also Italian) for “to love” or, as I suspect I might have first intended it to read, the imperative command, “love.”

Amare Silver Bracelet

Great Finds: Hologram Necklace

Among silver tea sets, vintage typewriters, and fur coats, I found this hologram necklace once belonging to my late nanna. My dad, now retired, was an engineer who worked on holograms, so I’m sure he gave her this beautiful rose necklace. In the right light, the image truly looks 3D. Given all the hologram-inspired fashion I’ve seen the past couple of years, my nanna was clearly ahead of her time!

Hologram Fashion

Hologram Necklace

Hologram NecklaceVintage hologram necklace; Gap moto denim jacket; j.crew popover, Gap leather ballet flats

Great Finds: Antique Bullet Crystal Necklace

bullet crystal  necklace from

Usually, I stick to buying coffee and veggies at the Madison Farmer’s Market, but a couple weeks ago, I ran across this antique bullet and crystal necklace at RocksNsoul‘s market booth and had to purchase it. I’d hate to get too hippy, but isn’t the dichotomy just lovely?

You can purchase your own unique necklace on her Etsy shop. Another favorite of mine that I saw at her booth was this amazing cuff bracelet. Maybe I’ll save that for my next trip to the Farmer’s Market!

RocksNSoul.comPhoto courtesy of

Great Finds: Spoon Ring

Maybe I’m the last to discover spoon rings (my friends seem to have seen them many times before!), but I thought they were such unique pieces to stumble upon, especially since I found this gorgeous ring at an apple orchard gift shop. For $10, I found a ring I find myself wearing almost everyday. Not a bad find!

Great Finds: Parisian Poster Coasters

Apparently, I have great luck in finding interesting art coasters (see my Great Finds: Baroque Coasters). I picked up these Parisian coasters at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries. Not only was the exhibit magnificent (these posters were responsible, after all, for “giving Paris a museum of pictures, an open-air exhibition”), but I got a great deal on the coasters, which cost me only $8. 

Au revior!


Great Finds: Vintage Perfume Necklace

I discovered this unique contraption at a local antique shop, and though I first spotted it for its gorgeous exterior, was even more intrigued when I learned what was inside. The back of this pretty vintage necklace (circa 1970s, is my best guess) opens up to reveal a spot for cream perfume. There is still some old perfume left (yuck!) so I’ll have to clean it out, but I do intend to add my own fragrance. What a perfect way to freshen up in the middle of a work day or a long night out!

Even better is knowing that I got a great deal for the find too! I bought it for $10. It’s selling online for $78 on Ruby Lane.



Great Finds: Espresso Cups

My sister studied in Austria, and as she travelled Europe, she collected espresso cups. Though they weren’t the easiest things to take back to the States (miraculously she only broke one), they do make great decoration pieces in our apartment. Here are a few of my favorites.



Salzburg, Austria

London, England

Florence, Italy

Munich, GermanyNice, France; Lake Forest, Illinois; Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Florence, Italy

Great Finds: Baroque Coasters

Yep, the title is correct; I found Baroque style coasters complete with ultra-realistic, chiaroscuro-filled mythological and Biblical paintings. Did I mention they were $4? I picked up these treasures at a barn sale in New Hampshire, and not only did I come in under budget on coasters (I was expecting to spend more like $8), I found a coaster set that trumps any inexpensive one I could find at Target. Now if only I could find a real Caravaggio at a barn sale…

Have you had any great finds at garage and yard sales this summer?