Great Finds: Parisian Poster Coasters

Apparently, I have great luck in finding interesting art coasters (see my Great Finds: Baroque Coasters). I picked up these Parisian coasters at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries. Not only was the exhibit magnificent (these posters were responsible, after all, for “giving Paris a museum of pictures, an open-air exhibition”), but I got a great deal on the coasters, which cost me only $8. 

Au revior!


Great Finds: Baroque Coasters

Yep, the title is correct; I found Baroque style coasters complete with ultra-realistic, chiaroscuro-filled mythological and Biblical paintings. Did I mention they were $4? I picked up these treasures at a barn sale in New Hampshire, and not only did I come in under budget on coasters (I was expecting to spend more like $8), I found a coaster set that trumps any inexpensive one I could find at Target. Now if only I could find a real Caravaggio at a barn sale…

Have you had any great finds at garage and yard sales this summer?