Great Finds: Hologram Necklace

Among silver tea sets, vintage typewriters, and fur coats, I found this hologram necklace once belonging to my late nanna. My dad, now retired, was an engineer who worked on holograms, so I’m sure he gave her this beautiful rose necklace. In the right light, the image truly looks 3D. Given all the hologram-inspired fashion I’ve seen the past couple of years, my nanna was clearly ahead of her time!

Hologram Fashion

Hologram Necklace

Hologram NecklaceVintage hologram necklace; Gap moto denim jacket; j.crew popover, Gap leather ballet flats

5 thoughts on “Great Finds: Hologram Necklace

  1. I have been looking all over for the rose hologram anyone want to sell theirs? My Mom passed and it was her favorite and was buried with her I would like one to wear myself in her memory.

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