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Lately, I’ve been fairly addicted to the British TV detective drama, George Gently. I’m a huge fan of British crime shows in general (Sherlock, Inspector Morse, Endeavour, Lewis…), but I’m particularly keen on ones that showcase vintage fashions. Gently takes place in North East England in the late 1960s. For my vintage clothing Etsy shop, The Gibbson Girl, I’m always on the look out for 60s clothing. It’s absolutely my favorite era, clothing-wise: a-line dresses, bright colors, floral prints, charming glasses frames, and skinny ties. Love it!

While I haven’t acquired much 60s wear (yet!) for the Gibbson Girl, I do have some 1970s (my second favorite era!) vintage pieces that are, well, far out, man.

70s Groovy Shirt at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Stripe Shirt at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Bell Bottoms Pants at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Bell Bottoms Pants at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Tank at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima



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Falling in Love with My Closet: 1970s Floral Print Dress

I’m a bit obsessed with 1970s and 60s fashion, so coming across this (hand sewn) 1970s dress (you guessed it, in polyester!) at my local thrift store was thrilling. Besides the fact that it only cost $7, it also fits me perfectly. I’ve still yet to find an occasion to wear the dress, but I’d probably style it with tights and heels to keep it relevant and not too vintage-y. The  print and colors do remind me a bit of Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll try to work it into this weekend’s wardrobe!

Want to see more great vintage finds from my closet? Check out my Ferragamo Shoe Collection, 1990s Oversized Wool Coat, and 1980s Lace Party Dress.

Great Finds: Vintage Perfume Necklace

I discovered this unique contraption at a local antique shop, and though I first spotted it for its gorgeous exterior, was even more intrigued when I learned what was inside. The back of this pretty vintage necklace (circa 1970s, is my best guess) opens up to reveal a spot for cream perfume. There is still some old perfume left (yuck!) so I’ll have to clean it out, but I do intend to add my own fragrance. What a perfect way to freshen up in the middle of a work day or a long night out!

Even better is knowing that I got a great deal for the find too! I bought it for $10. It’s selling online for $78 on Ruby Lane.



Great Finds: Vintage Patterns & 1970s Vogue Sewing Book

I ran across these unique vintage patterns at two different antique shops in Wisconsin. I’m going to attempt to sew using the patterns, but if I have no luck, I’ll be glad to use them as decoration in my bedroom. Sew, Mama, Sew! has some useful tips about sewing from vintage patterns. One of them happens to be buy an “old school sewing book.” Thankfully, I picked up a 1970s (my era of choice for patterns incidentally) copy of The Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting Adjustments & Alternations at Good Will.

Total Cost?

$7.50 for the vintage patterns

$3 for the Vogue sewing book


$10.50 (plus whatever I end up spending fabric–don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated!)

Have you ever tried to sew using vintage patterns?