Falling in Love with My Closet: 1970s Floral Print Dress

I’m a bit obsessed with 1970s and 60s fashion, so coming across this (hand sewn) 1970s dress (you guessed it, in polyester!) at my local thrift store was thrilling. Besides the fact that it only cost $7, it also fits me perfectly. I’ve still yet to find an occasion to wear the dress, but I’d probably style it with tights and heels to keep it relevant and not too vintage-y. The  print and colors do remind me a bit of Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll try to work it into this weekend’s wardrobe!

Want to see more great vintage finds from my closet? Check out my Ferragamo Shoe Collection, 1990s Oversized Wool Coat, and 1980s Lace Party Dress.

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