can you dig it?

Lately, I’ve been fairly addicted to the British TV detective drama, George Gently. I’m a huge fan of British crime shows in general (Sherlock, Inspector Morse, Endeavour, Lewis…), but I’m particularly keen on ones that showcase vintage fashions. Gently takes place in North East England in the late 1960s. For my vintage clothing Etsy shop, The Gibbson Girl, I’m always on the look out for 60s clothing. It’s absolutely my favorite era, clothing-wise: a-line dresses, bright colors, floral prints, charming glasses frames, and skinny ties. Love it!

While I haven’t acquired much 60s wear (yet!) for the Gibbson Girl, I do have some 1970s (my second favorite era!) vintage pieces that are, well, far out, man.

70s Groovy Shirt at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Stripe Shirt at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Bell Bottoms Pants at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Bell Bottoms Pants at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima 70s Tank at The Gibbson Girl #100daysofmiaprima



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