yoga in the (sculpture) garden

During my Texas adventures just a week or so ago, I made sure to spend a couple days in Austin. Somehow, I discovered a yoga class being held at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. The class was an absolutely sublime experience! The weather was marvelous (75 degrees and sunny), the class was challenging (I did a handstand!), the scenery exquisite (see below), and the fellow yoga-goers were exceptionally nice (I was advised to visit both the Barton Natural Spring and Taco Deli; two sites not on my initial list but a must while visiting Austin). I also had a pleasant time wandering the sculpture garden after the class and taking photographs of the sculptural works of artist Charles Umlauf.

It’s pretty gloomy here in Pittsburgh today. Storm clouds and rain, included. These photos certainly take me back to better weather and great adventures. Hope they do the same for you!



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Mineral Point Art Tour, Flea Markets, & Crocheted Scarves

Last weekend a couple friends and I took a trip to the Mineral Point Art Tour. On our way into Mineral Point we found a huge flea market, which of course, none of us could resist. As usual, I found a piece of vintage jewelry that I fell in love with. It looks like a 60s costume jewelry necklace, but I can’t be so sure! The necklace reminded me of some of j.crew’s new jeweled statement jewelry pieces and is perfectly in line with this fall’s blingy vintage-inspired style.

I’ve been falling more and more in love with menswear this season (it’s not long before I try pulling off a skinny tie!), so I was delighted to come across a vintage men’s jewelry box. The tie bar holder is even labeled. It will make a unique addition to my vanity.

My friend Jaqui who joined me on the trip actually finished crocheting a beautiful cowl scarf on the car ride there and wore it through the flea market and the art tour.

I had never been on a art tour quite like this. I knew that artists opening up their homes and studios was the norm, but I was stunned by some of the amazing studio spaces and architecture that I saw. My favorite was a sculpture garden at Peter Flanary and Sandra Peterson’s gorgeous rural home. We also enjoyed the small town’s speciality, ceramics, at a downtown gallery after lunch at the local deli. All of this makes me think I ought to set up a studio in my basement and get back into creating!