nutella, coffee, gouda, + bellini: the best of european brunch

I have come to conclude that nobody loves brunch like the Americans. It’s hard to explain to some non-Americans that brunch is not just a breakfast with booze involved. But some places in Europe are doing brunch right. I had one of the best brunch experienced in Paris: pastries, Nutella, honey, jam, bottomless coffee, greens, and of course lots of bread and cheese. Yum! It’s my ideal European-style brunch!
Pastry Brunch in Paris #100DaysofMiaPrimaEggs Benedict Brunch Breakfast #100DaysofMiaPrima European Style Brunch Breakfast #100DaysofMiaPrima 1European Style Brunch Breakfast Tea #100DaysofMiaPrima European Style Brunch Breakfast #100DaysofMiaPrima European Style Brunch Breakfast Eggs Benedict #100DaysofMiaPrima

Combine Parisian brunch with British eggs on toast (or our modified, homemade eggs Benedict), Italian Bellini, and Dutch Gouda, and you have one perfect morning/afternoon.



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Mini baguette, organic apricot preserves, organic mixed berry preserves , Nutella, honey goat cheese, cantaloupe, wildflower honey, coconut water, Fair Trade organic coffee

All admit it, I’m stilling missing proscuitto. But proscuitto or not, this homemade brunch was amazing. And great post-run fuel!

Adventures in Pittsburgh: Exploring Oakland

Exploring Oakland #miaprimacasa

This weekend my mom came to town. Woohoo! It was the first time I got the chance to show someone around my new city. Hard to believe I’ve been in Pittsburgh for three months already…

Cathedral of Learning pgh #miaprimacasa

We started our day with brunch at The Porch, which was lovely. I highly recommend the salted caramel French toast! Back in Madison, weekly brunch was a staple of a Saturday or Sunday morning, so it was good to kickstart my brunch-going in Pittsburgh with my mom.

Oakland Pgh #miaprimacasa

Afterwards, we explored the Oakland neighborhood a bit, including wandering through Schenley Park and the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon campuses. Coming from the Midwest, it’s refreshing to see beautiful, old academic buildings. Actually, it’s refreshing to see old buildings in general! Thanks to The Fire, Chicago is pretty lacking in old structures. One of my greatest joys in Pittsburgh is admiring the old brick home and Gilded Age architecture.

Carnegie Mellon pgh #miaprimacasa

Schneley Park pgh #miaprimacasa

Some other great sites in Oakland include:

Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History

-The trails at Schenley Park

-The Cathedral of Learning at University of Pittsburgh (second-tallest educational building in the world)

Welcome to the Snow Globe: 115 Tubas & One Beautiful View




“Welcome to the snow globe,” our waitress said as she seated us at possibly Madison’s greatest brunch place, Graze.


Located right on the capitol square, the restaurant boasts a gorgeous view of the city’s capitol building (the largest dome in North America, if I’m remembering correctly) as well as a delicious menu featuring produce and meat from local Wisconsin farms. A bit pricey (yep, I dropped $20 for an omelet and a coffee) but worth it to enjoy the first snow of December.



My friends and I stumbled upon a band of 115 tubas and baritones in the capitol building on Saturday afternoon. We came to visit the huge Christmas tree, which with it’s multitude of ornaments almost puts the Chicago’s Daley Plaza tree to shame. The music began as a low rumble for at least a good thirty seconds before the Christmas tune was audible. What a lucky chance encounter!


Photo and video courtesy of

The weekend before, we started our Saturday night at Madison’s Old Sugar Distillery (check out Canvas Lands’ End great interview with the owner) located on Main St. Highly recommend the Old Fashioned with brandy.


Ran across these contraptions down the street from the distillery, which though it is located in a very quite industrial area, does boast excellent free street parking.