people are boring (but you’re something else)

People are boring

But you’re something else completely

Damn, let’s take our chances

-Father John Misty in Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)

It’s finally here! The 2015 edition of the Spring Mix Tape. As you know, I create a mix tape (i.e. a 2-3 albums of curated music as well as handcrafted cover art) twice a year- once for spring and another for fall. I ask my friends to submit songs that remind them of that particular season then curate their great music into “albums.” The music is always excellent and always of a wide variety (my favorite part!). But the best experience for me is creating the cover art, which has also varied widely: from screen printed canvas to watercolor to this season’s piece: collage. In fact, this season’s cover may be my favorite. I enjoyed the free form of the collage process as well as the structure of creating a “booklet” that literally stands on its own.

Copies of the mix tapes are for participants only, but luckily for you, I’ve put together public Spotify playlists for everyone to enjoy. Here’s to new music, art making, and above all else, the great friends to who make it happen, year after year…!

Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrimaSpring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima Spring Mix Tape Collage Art #100dayofMiaPrima

Album #1: People Are Boring

Album #2: But You’re Something Else Completely

Album #3: Damn, Let’s Take Our Chances

 Tot ziens!


This post is #29 of the #The100DayProject. For more updates on my progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtage, #100DaysofMiaPrima.

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Fall Mix Tape 2013

Fall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasa
Every season, I ask my friends to think about the sights, sounds, and feelings that remind them of the season. For me at autumn, I think of sweaters, hot chocolate, football games, and burning leaves. Then, I ask them to send me any songs that conjure up that imagery. When everyone has submitted, I compile the music together into three curated albums and create cover art. In 2013, we are celebrating the anniversary of the mix tape! (And also celebrating the season and the joy that comes along with sharing music you love and getting to know your friends a bit better on a new level). So I thought I’d share the first album with you all today. The first album, titled “State”, might be my favorite and probably sums up the feeling of the complete mix tape best. Enjoy and happy fall!

Fall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasaFall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasaFall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasaFall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasaFall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasaFall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasaFall Mix Tape Art #miaprimacasa

State of Independence, 2013, mixed media: packing tape, recycled bubble mailers, pen and ink

Dinner for Many (or L’etoile Can Suck It)

letoilecansuckitdinnerformanypanna cotta

Sunday night I had the honor of attending an amazing dinner, complete with fresh, local ingredients, lots (at least a dozen!) of interesting, inspiring people, and Wisconsin beer (a given) all in a marvelously eclectic atmosphere (think: thrifted wine glasses, Ball jars, benches, a turn table…).

A few friends put together the event, with one hosting at her apartment, and two others creating the delicious six courses:

Creamed & Chilled Asparagus & Cashew Soup

Grilled Romaine with Sourdough Croutons, Fermented Ramp Agili, and Sweet and Sour Sardines

Indian Rice Yogurt Apple Salad

Grilled Asparagus with Sourdough Pancakes and Blood Orage Sauce

Smoked Duck Sliders with Cherry Gastrique and Arugula on a Challah Bun

Paletas (Mexican guacamole and lime popsicles)

Strawberry Panna Cotta

And as palate cleansers: Dry cucumber and blood orange soda, honey wine, and oolong tea

I wanted to share the dinner on Mia Prima Casa, because, first, I think it’s simply a great idea to spend time enjoying truly good food, meeting strangers, and learning so much (like why cemeteries are the way they are and who Joy Division is…), all while spending very little.

And secondly, because I love how my friend decorated for the dinner! My favorite touch are the Ball Mason jars for water glasses.

How are you enjoying the summer?