Dinner for Many (or L’etoile Can Suck It)

letoilecansuckitdinnerformanypanna cotta

Sunday night I had the honor of attending an amazing dinner, complete with fresh, local ingredients, lots (at least a dozen!) of interesting, inspiring people, and Wisconsin beer (a given) all in a marvelously eclectic atmosphere (think: thrifted wine glasses, Ball jars, benches, a turn table…).

A few friends put together the event, with one hosting at her apartment, and two others creating the delicious six courses:

Creamed & Chilled Asparagus & Cashew Soup

Grilled Romaine with Sourdough Croutons, Fermented Ramp Agili, and Sweet and Sour Sardines

Indian Rice Yogurt Apple Salad

Grilled Asparagus with Sourdough Pancakes and Blood Orage Sauce

Smoked Duck Sliders with Cherry Gastrique and Arugula on a Challah Bun

Paletas (Mexican guacamole and lime popsicles)

Strawberry Panna Cotta

And as palate cleansers: Dry cucumber and blood orange soda, honey wine, and oolong tea

I wanted to share the dinner on Mia Prima Casa, because, first, I think it’s simply a great idea to spend time enjoying truly good food, meeting strangers, and learning so much (like why cemeteries are the way they are and who Joy Division is…), all while spending very little.

And secondly, because I love how my friend decorated for the dinner! My favorite touch are the Ball Mason jars for water glasses.

How are you enjoying the summer?


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