these streets

For a long time, I could never justify purchasing a beautiful new digital SLR camera. After all, I wasn’t a photographer. Sure, I have a degree in art and I create a blog that relies so much on imagery. But still, I was no Sartorialist, and I never could be. It was almost if I had convinced myself that there were so many people- bloggers, artists, whoever- being such amazing photographers that there was not room left for an ammeter to try her hand. And that who would bother looking at my work, as rudimentary as it would be, when they could look at a professional’s!?

But the truth it, no professional is having the same experiences that I’m having now: traveling, exploring my new city, finding my personal style, working in fashion, becoming a vegan athlete. And that is reason enough for me to grab a camera and shoot away. So join me on the next step with Mia Prima Casa, as I experiment and dive even deeper into what it means to be who I am, digital SLR and all.


p.s. Explore the streets I’ve been walking and running and ¬†driving and riding on for a year now. Pittsburgh is a city of grit and charm, so take a moment to catch a glimpse:

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