delft, holland

The day trip was a last minute idea of my sister’s. I had planned to spend more time in s’-Hertogenbosh, but admittedly, I have already more or less exhausted much of what that charming (but small) town has to offer. I knew I wanted to buy a bit of the famous Dutch Delft blauw, so a trip the earthenware’s birthplace made a lot of sense.

Delft Holland #100DaysofMiaPrima 14

Not only did I find some sweet little pieces of Delft ware for my home, but I also found a very sweet Dutch town that charmed me instantly with its venerable churches, princely abodes, and narrow canals. I can see how Johannes Vermeer (who hails from Delft) was inspired to paint his masterpieces in this quaint Dutch town.

tot ziens!


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