Day 100 on #The100DayProject

100 Day Project Successphoto credit // elleluna

It’s been 100 days since I pledged to write one blog post every day. I’m a bit behind (21 posts to be exact), but I still wanted to take a moment to celebrate. Don’t stop checking back here on Mia Prima Casa, though! I’ll be finishing up the last 21 posts over the next couple of weeks. By then, I will just be starting business school, so you can expect lots of (new) posts to follow, too!



p.s. Congrats to my friend, Diana, for completing her amazing #100DaysofCreeps. Well done, Cat! And to Jaqui for all those delicious pics. Can’t wait for Measured Making, lady! And obviously to my twin Angie. Hurry up and finish your book already.

This post is #79 of the #The100DayProject. For more updates on my progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtage, #100DaysofMiaPrima

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