#ootd in berlin, germany

Parisians are effortlessly stylish. Londoners are on top of the trends. And Italians always have the chicest leather jackets. But Berliners have a style that is, in my opinion, truly the most unique. I loved how so much of the street fashion I saw was vintage or retro inspired. And a fashion “uniform” of any kinda (think, for example: skinny jeans, white tee, leather jacket) seems nonexistent.

Below, I’ve tried my best to distill the street fashion of Berlin into one photograph. But what you should really take away from it is not the exact outfit but the spirit of the German city’s style: individual, colorful, and retro. And most importantly, really freaking cool.

#OOTD Berlin #100DaysofMIaprimaShorts: Vintage, Shoes: Saucony, Crop Top: H&M, Scrunchie: Vintage, Magazine: Vogue Germany

Bis später!


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