Great Finds at Belmont Army Store, Chicago

A couple weekends ago, I spent an afternoon shopping around Boystown, Chicago with a couple friends. I lived in downtown Chicago for about five months, but I had never really properly explored this part of the city. Coming from Madison, it was refreshing to see the vibrancy and energy of Chicago…not to mention all the amazing places to go shopping. One of my favorite places from this trip was the Belmont Army Store, which boasted four floors of amazing and unique merchandise. The first floor was a hip, urban boutique, the second a shoe store, the third an army surplus store (coming back here when I have more time to explore this for longer!) and the fourth a perfectly overwhelming vintage shop. I think I could have spent a good half a day in there, but being pressed for time (our parking meter was dangerously close to running out, and we were still at least five L stops away), I only purchased one dress, below, by BB Dakota for $72. That’s more than I would usually spend on a dress, but the fit is perfect and $72 is worth the experience of this shop!Chicago Army Store 2Chicago Army Store 3Chicago Army Store 1Boystown ChicagoBoystown Chicago 1What’s your favorite Chicago find?



p.s. Want to know how I’d style a stripe dress like this? Check out 3 Ways to Style Zig Zags and Stripes.

Great Finds: Vintage Native American Rug

My sister and I just moved to a new town, and we recently explored the local antique shops. For my bedroom, I had decided to find a Native American-inspired rug in subtle pastels.

Urban Outfitters offered a pretty one, which was $40 at the time (and can be found here), but then I ran across a

beautifully worn down cotton rug at the local antique shop for $30. Not only did it cost less, but to me, it felt more real and less like a trendy buy. I’m excited to incorporate it into my bedroom soon.

The cost?

$30 for a  vintage rug at local antique shop

What is a great find you’ve discovered lately?