NaNoWriMo? Check!

One month, and 50,000 words later, and I’ve completed my first National Novel Writing Month. My first novel (still can’t get over saying that!) is loosely based on the romantic heroines from three of my most favorite Jane Austen novels. Like I told my sister, I think the novel ended up becoming a weird hyperbole of my life as a working post-grad. Whether that’s good or bad, only a solid revision process and some honest feedback from friends can say….

NaNoWriMo Carnegie Library

Exploring Carnegie Library and leaving with 2,000 more words than I started with!

NaNoWriMo Tea

The best day of NaNoWriMo was when I made a stop at the local record store to buy some vintage Beatles and CCR records, then enjoyed a tea at a local coffee shop while the snow started to fall outside.

Post NaNoWriMo

Three great reason to help get my up early on a Saturday and my new gps watch for added motivation! I got a lot less sleep in Novemeber than I would have liked, but I can’t deny that it was worth it.

NaNoWriMo Winner!

Enough said. 🙂

So glad to say that most of my friends who joined me on this adventure finished successfully as well! Congrats to the ladies of  ex-pat x and Hanger Hiatus. Check out their blogs for what inspired them during NaNoWriMo and what they’re up to now.



Adventures in Pittsburgh: The Cafe at the Frick

Frick Cafe Pgh Tea

When I learned that The Cafe at the Frick, which is situated on the beautiful Frick Park grounds, served proper afternoon tea, I couldn’t wait for a free Sunday afternoon to give it a try.

Frick Cafe Pittsburgh

My high expectations were not let down! For $18, I enjoyed four different types of salads (crab, beet, tuna, and egg), two scones (orange and lavender) complete with English sweet cream and strawberry preserves, a variety of four cookies made perfect with chocolate sauce, and of course hot tea (I chose the Frick’s specialty blend).

Frick Cafe pgh afternoon tea

Frick Cafe Pgh

I also enjoyed the perfect autumn weather and a gorgeous view of the gardens surrounding the Clayton mansion. Not to mention, I was reading Jane Austen’s Emma the whole time, which let me tell you, when coupled with tea, is probably the most sublime experience you’ll have in a long time. Reading about Emma discovering her love for Mr. Knightley while eating a lavender scone, is a Jane Austen lovers dream, I would think!

Frick Museum Pgh

To top it off, the service was excellent. Before they closed at 5pm, I even had time to take a look at the art galleries, which hold a great experience of their own.

Frick Park

For more information about the cafe, the museum, and the park, be sure to visit the Frick website.

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