I Am Officially a Cat Person

Siberian Cat

This is a shameless cat post (sorry I’m not sorry). I’m pretty allergic to cats (and dogs), so getting a cat never felt like an option. I considered a dog (Labradoodle? Cockapoo? Cheagle?), but I’d feel horrible leaving the poor guy at home all day while I went to work. A cat seemed perfect.

Except I wanted a hypoallergenic cat who liked people and loved to cuddle.

And that’s when I discovered Siberian cats. They are not completely 100% non-allergenic (no cat is), but they are much more hypoallergenic than your average cat. They are also big, fluffy, and love people.

Right now my new fluffy Siberian is hiding under the couch. But she’s been busy exploring and playing, so I’ll let her be.