See Ya Later, Madison; Hello, Pittsburgh!

Not long after I completed one of my greatest adventures of the year, running my first full marathon, I started a whole new adventure when I moved from Madison, WI to Pittsburgh. This isn’t my first time out East (I lived in New Hampshire for a bit), but it’s certainly a change from what I’m used to back in the Midwest. For instance, there are hills here. Like, real hills.

So while the summer might be coming to a close, my adventure has just begun, and I can’t wait to update you all on how I decorate my new place (a very charming, 80 year tudor home), explore the city, and train for new races (this time a triathlon!).

Some things about the city I’m already falling in love with…

The Strip District Pgh

Fresh food from the Strip District

Hot Metal Bridge

The Hot Metal Bridge, which I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous view of from my office window!

Crazy Mocha Pgh

Weird, awesome coffee shops. So many more to try…

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