five unexpected events

A not so happy traveller

A not so happy traveller

Last night, I finally arrived in Connecticut after a full day of driving from Pittsburgh. In just twenty four hours, I cleared out my apartment of everything I had accumulated from the last two years of living in the city, packed up my tiny sports car with everything I needed for the summer and my crazy little cat, and drove the long eight hour trip to my sister’s place on the east coast.

The move was so hectic that by the time I made it to CT, a blog post was out of the question. So here it is, just a few hours late, five unexpected events from a very hectic yesterday:

1. Using my cat’s leash. Naya Cat was so freaked out by the whole moving business that she wouldn’t get into her carry case, and I pulled out her leash for its first-time use. Which meant I spent eight hours with her roaming my car after she escaped from her collar. Seriously, I don’t know how we didn’t get into a car accident…

2. My one joy in long distance car rides is coffee. I love a good iced coffee on a car ride. Unfortunately, about five minutes into the road trip, Naya spilled the complete contents of my untouched coffee. We were both in for a long, long ride.

3. Losing a part of my car…and then having a friend find it again. I absently-mindedly left a part of my trunk on the side of the road while I was packing up. Thankfully, I have good enough friends willing to do slightly random favors for me. The plus side: it gives me an excuse to visit Pittsburgh soon!

4. Actually fitting my life for the next three months into my car. If you have a Toyota Celica you are constantly surprised at how much stuff you can cram in that little two door car.

5. Just an hour or so after settling in for the night in CT, Naya Cat was relaxed enough to ask for multiple belly rubs. It’s a good sign for things to come!



This post is #10 of the #The100DayProject. For more updates on my progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtage, #100DaysofMiaPrima.

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